Saturday, September 23, 2017

SUMMER HEAT... so much going on (Part 161w)

SUMMER HEAT… so much going on (Part 161w)

To me, it didn’t matter what had or hadn’t happened to the motor. The team didn’t have any more money so we were about finished. To help get over the disappointment I turned my focus to sailing because the next day was the first day of races that counted towards the championship at the sailing center. I didn’t even watch the finish of the race. As we loaded the car on the hauler I finally saw my friend, Jay. He said he couldn’t hang around as his wife Jo and their daughter were with him and waiting out in the parking lot. In a way I was glad but he promised to get in touch at the end of the next week so we could get caught up.

When I got up Sunday morning I'd forced myself to put the race car completely out of my mind. It was a normal Summer Sunday morning for me… church… breakfast… gathering the things up to take to the sailing club. Elle made an attempt to get Barbara to join us but she declined… again. It wasn’t until we were leaving that I thought about my theory of what Barbara had been doing while we were not home the previous Sunday. But there was too much going on around me what with getting the kids and all their paraphernalia loaded into the station wagon to dwell on it.

Friday had been the first day of lessons for the two older girls and also their introduction to Bobbi. I’d not partaken in any discussion of their day so was ‘out of the loop’ when, at the sailing center, they spied her in the parking lot and were excited to see her. Once out of the station wagon they ran right over to her. I’ve previously mentioned that Bobbi liked to crew on racing sailboats and not be a skipper. She was there to crew for one of the guys who raced a boat similar to the one I used to own and race. Her skipper was about to leave the beach when the girls ‘attacked’ her but was courteous and bent down to give them a hug. Even though there was an almost 100% chance of getting at least partially wet when sailing, especially racing, it was a ‘given’ that participants didn’t do it in a bathing suit. Too much flesh was exposed to the sun drenched decks and it was possible to get burned. So, when Bobbi bent over to give the girls a hug I got a VPL. It would also be reasonable to think that it would be a bathing suit that might be under the shorts but sometimes (like with Elle) it wasn’t. This was one of those times. From past experiences with Bobbi, and the fact that her aunt ran a clothing store that sold Lollipop panties, I was positive that what I was viewing was a Lollipop VPL, in all likelihood from a pair of bikinis. It was a nice diversion.

Truthfully, I have no idea how I did in the races that day. I do remember that my mind kept wandering back to what I had to be prepared for at the bank the next morning and not concentrating on the business at hand… racing. I do remember that Elle did well in her race and was really excited when she landed back on shore. Being the first day of races that counted almost all the true racers were there and some for the first time since the previous Summer. Even though it was good to see them I had no desire to hang around and talk.

At home, after all the ‘gear’ was stored away, I was told there really wasn’t anything for supper. I wanted to ask why but knew I’d only get a smart-assed answer. Barbara was there when we got back and during that brief conversation said she’d help make one of her mother’s noodle salads. Elle accepted the offer and I headed for the shower. I can’t deny that for the few minutes I was preparing for it I was hoping to find one of Barbara’s wet items. The reality was that there was nothing to be found. Everybody got showered and dressed pretty quickly while Barbara was working on her creation. As usual, when it was hot, we would to eat out on the screened in porch. We’d done it enough so that setting up was pretty routine. While that was being done I stepped back into the den and took a look at the notes I’d made about the branch the previous day. I don’t know why but the first thing I saw was the name, Morris.

It was the name of the somewhat unctuous character that had been referred to me when things were getting serious about the branch back in the Spring. He owned and ran a gift/premium business in the city that focused on bank give away programs. I’d been tasked with finding some more acceptable gift/premiums than had been used in the first new account program the previous year. He had thoroughly impressed me with his knowledge of the field and I’d taken his suggestions back to the branch committee and they accepted all of them (the blankets were a separate item and came later). It wasn’t the smoothest of negotiations but, in the end, both parties were satisfied. When focusing on his name while sitting there in the den I remembered an off-hand question he asked of me. I’d not thought about it at the time but now it was very relevant. He’d asked why we (the bank) had chosen that particular location for the branch.

During the early stages of considering a branch and where to put it I’d been completely left out of the process so I really couldn’t give him an answer… and didn’t… and that had ended the discussion. He was a strange man in any number of ways going from animated to almost somber in a matter of seconds. I sat there trying to remember his reaction to my answer. Not being able to started driving me crazy. My focus shifted when Kaye came in to tell me that it was time to eat. I was definitely not a good supper partner as my thoughts were now on Morris and wondering why he’d asked about the choice of location and what, if any, his reaction to my answer had been. I’m not sure when it came to me to actually call Morris… but by the time I was up and dressed the next morning I knew what I was going to do first when I got to work.

As I previously mentioned, Morris was a bit strange. Since he owned and pretty much ran the company single handedly he did what he pleased and when he pleased. On this Monday he decided to come in late… after 10am. By then I was almost pacing the floor behind my desk. I’d convinced myself that Morris had a very good reason for asking the choice of location question of me but what was it?. The first call I got was from the lady (?) who had started the disruption in the lobby on Friday to find out if we had her blanket. The next was from Betsy with the final numbers for Friday (a bit better) and then was the call from Stan over at the stock broker’s office. That one turned out to be important. With the crazy week I’d just experienced I’d not paid much attention to my mail at home. I knew I’d have time for any bills coming in so pretty much ignored it. Stan wanted to know what I was going to do with my $5,000. I didn’t know what he was talking about. When he realized it he told me that one of the corporate bonds I owned had been “called”. I knew next to nothing about bonds at that time so asked him to explain. He did and then told me I should’ve received some correspondence telling me to turn the bond in to a brokerage office to get my money. He then told me to get the bond over to him and he’d put some suggestions together for me on what to invest in. That put a smile on my face until I remembered that all my important papers were still in the safe deposit box at the first bank I’d worked at.

To be continued…

Thursday, September 21, 2017

SUMMER HEAT... so much going on (Part 161v)

SUMMER HEAT… so much going on (Part 161v)

No matter what I did on Saturday, the poor branch performance was right there like a weight on my shoulders. I got my usual chores done and then went into the den and sat in my recliner with a pad in hand. My intention was to think of all the things that concerned me about the branch right from the time I knew the Board decided to move ahead on it. I’ll not burden you with all that but suffice it to say I was able to put enough down on paper to show where some critical decisions that had been made were possibly flawed. All I wanted was to show Bert that it wasn’t just one thing like the advertising or any other obvious scapegoat subject that could or would be tossed out as reasons. It wasn’t my intention to be the one to present this hypothesis to the branch committee but I hoped that Bert seeing all these things condensed on one piece of paper might be enough to buy me some time to do more research where I’d have resources to back me up.

I had a monstrous headache by the time the truck hauling the race car stopped at the house to pick me up. Even though I very much wanted to know if the repairs to the cylinder heads worked I would’ve preferred to stay home and sleep. Being the fourth of July show, with fireworks and extra laps to the main event as added treats, the stands were almost filled when we got there. Jay, my former co-worker from back when I worked at the County Center, had promised to be there. With all I had going on at work during the week I’d failed to contact him for confirmation so was on the lookout for him. My wanderings took me up to the fence that separated the pit area from the grandstands. It was also where C J, who had won two main events since switching over from Ford to Chevrolet power, was pitted. Any time I was in that area I was looking to see CJ’s girlfriend, Karen… she of the white pants with a very obvious VPL. Upon seeing her I had the feeling it was going to be a very good night.

The warm up session went fairly well. Cliffy, trying to preserve the tires, didn’t take many laps. The water temp gauge was reasonable, especially for a hot Summer night, so we were fairly confident. When the starting lineups for the qualifying heats were posted we were listed to start at the very back. Normally those in the back were cars that hadn’t raced in a while (more than three weeks) or were racing at the track for the first time. It was Alan who noticed it and told Cliffy and then the rest of us. The races were controlled by the Chief Steward who had almost dictatorial control over every aspect of the pits and races. The most important was the ‘handicapping’ which is what determined the starting positions. The man’s nickname was “Bruiser” because he owned a bar and served as his own bouncer. Like my friend “Big B”, he was well over 300 pounds. Because of his size he could/would try to intimidate people. Cliffy was one driver he couldn’t intimidate.

When Cliffy went up to complain he was told we hadn’t raced for three consecutive weeks and had to start at the back. I remember Cliffy’s head going from side to side in total disagreement. Cliffy’s position was that we had been at the track, paid our entry fees and actual been out on the track when, on the first lap of that practice, C J’s motor exploded and we ended up crashing into the retaining barrier. The car was rendered undriveable after the crash so we didn’t actually “race” but it wasn’t like we hadn’t tried. “Bruiser” was unmoved. "Go to the back or go home". We (the crew) were quite animated in supporting Cliffy and that drew added attention to the situation. Long story short, some of the drivers who were considered to be fan favorites at the track decide to support Cliffy and told “Bruiser” that Cliffy be given a regular staring place or they would not race themselves. It still didn’t change “Bruiser’s position. Cliffy then called the crew together and told us what he was then going to do.

The entryway onto the race track was very narrow. Cars could only go one direction… either in or out. He got in the car, started it up and then drove it into the entryway managing, with difficulty, to get it almost sideways thus blocking passage. When “Bruiser" heard about it he came down from his office and ordered Cliffy to move the car. Cliffy was out of it by then and was removing the coil wire which would prevent anyone from starting the engine. “Bruiser" then threatened to have a tow truck remove it but when he called for one he found that both were in the infield. The way the car was wedged in, and with the tow trucks only having access to it from the infield, if one did connect to it it would only wedge the car in more. By then “Bruiser’ was yelling for somebody to call the police.

We, the crew, were standing about ten feet away. There were probably 100 or so people gathered around by then. A chant started… “ Bruiser must go! Bruiser must go! Bruiser must go!” All of a sudden it stopped. I thought it might have been the police but it was Larry who appeared. Larry was the promoter (and owner) of the track. He was seldom seen in public so it was shock for many who were there to see him. I saw the reigning track champion get to him before he got to “Bruiser” and watched as they talked for a few minutes. Then they walked over to “Bruiser” and another conversation took place before the three of them walked to “Bruiser’s” office. Almost all those that had gathered to see what was going on stayed to see what would happen. The starting line-ups were posted in chalk on a blackboard outside “Bruisers” office. When “Bruiser” reappeared he had a rag in his hand and he proceeded to wipe off the car numbers for the first qualifying heat. Then he started writing again and the second number listed was #21, our number.

I heard a number of different stories about what happened after Larry appeared so I don’t know for sure what really went down. All I do know was that Cliffy was an immediate ‘hero’ in the pits for standing up to “Bruiser”. By the time we got the car out of the way the show was about 15 minutes late in starting but it was certainly worth the wait. We finished where we were finally placed to start… second. We were feeling pretty cocky after that. When Cliffy pulled into our pit area Alan checked the temperature gauge and it was a bit high but sloughed it off reasoning it was still quite warm out even though it was almost 8pm. The feature event was to be 50 laps and the wear on the tires were more of concern than the motor. They turned out not to be a problem.

We started on the ‘pole’, or in first place. Cliffy was comfortably out front when there was a wreck behind him. When that happens the cars continue to slowly circle the track while the mess  is cleaned up. Just before they were to throw the green flag to continue the race Cliffy pulled into the infield with the now too familiar sight of steam pulsing out of the expansion tank. We were pretty much stunned and tremendously disappointed. I remember sitting in the pit grandstand and remembering Cliffy’s father’s comment as he left the shop the night before… “fifteen laps… “. I did a quick tally and the qualifying race was for 10 laps and we’d completed five laps of the main event… it was fifteen laps.

To be continued…

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

SUMMER HEAT... so much going on (Part 161u)

SUMMER HEAT… so much going on (Part 161u)

Mad isn’t the word to use to describe how I felt on the return trip to the main office. I’d never had high blood pressure but if it had been taken at that time it probably would have been a record (for me). I’d called Bret before I left and he told me that Bert (the president) wanted an updated report on how many new accounts had been opened including dollar amounts of new money. I told him where my folder was located and told him to have a draft of it ready by the time I got back. I’d gotten the Wednesday figures from Betsy but hadn’t added them to the others. In hearing them I was concerned but had had no time to analyze the six days the program had been in existence. Being a Friday, the bank was open until 6pm and all banking floor employees had been told they would be needed. Road traffic, as expected on a Friday afternoon, was heavy so the usual 35 minutes took just under an hour. Pulling into the parking lot I was greeted by a police patrol car with flashing lights at the back door.

Long story short… as I had previously written, blankets were, by far, the most popular gift item. That afternoon they had run out of them. I’m going to have to lay the blame on Bret as he was to keep up on the gift inventory. One woman, incensed that she wasn’t going to get one, attacked (verbally) a customer who was walking out with three of them. That customer took offense to the attack and, dropped her blankets and started swinging at the other woman. With a busy lobby, it didn’t take long for others to get involved. I arrived as things were calming down. A policeman and Hobie had the woman who started it seated on a lobby bench when I walked in. Hobie called me over to ask why we were out of blankets. The obvious answer was that they were the most popular item but that wasn’t the answer he wanted. If I’d known before leaving for the branch I could’ve brought some back with me. With the main office opening approximately two accounts to one for the branch and the supply of blankets distributed equally the branch certainly had extras. The situation was resolved by getting the woman’s information and a promise to get her a blanket. This wasn’t what I wanted to face to close out the week.

Bret apologized but the damage had been done (to both of us) so I didn’t harp on it but focused on the report I’d asked him to work on. After but a few minutes of study it told a startling story. I already knew the response to the branch opening was tepid, at best, but looking at the numbers as compared to the main office it was a bit of a shock. I was about to give the final draft to Trish to type when the phone rang. It was Bert’s (the president) secretary and she said he wanted to see me right away. I thought it was about the report he requested so I took it with me. It was… sort of…

He’d heard about the scuffle in the lobby and wanted to know why we’d run out of blankets. There were a number of reasons… some good, some bad. I could tell he was serious as soon as I walked into his office. Like my grandfather had told me on many occasions, “tell the truth and and you have nothing to forget”, so I told him that I’d not kept a close enough count on the inventory. In reality there were a number of reasons for that happening but I knew eh wasn’t interested in excuses. His next question was to ask what I was going to do about it. I know I hemmed and hawed a bit before saying I’d go to the branch and get some of their inventory. He wanted to know if that wasn’t going to “short” them. Under pressure I told him I didn’t think so… which led him to ask about the report I had in my hand.

He quickly perused it and then asked if the figure for the branch office were correct. I knew they were because I’d been the one keeping them so I nodded affirmatively. That led to the main office figures being questioned as to being accurate. I told him I was fairly sure they were and when I did he wanted to know why the great disparity in the total number of accounts being opened between the offices… approximately 400 for the branch and 1500 for the main office. I wasn’t ready for a question that specific so looked somewhat the fool when I couldn’t give him an answer. I tried to offset the poor performance at the branch by noting that the main office had opened somewhere around 300 more accounts  this campaign that the one run exactly a year ago. I was never sure he heard that as he immediately proceeded to have his secretary start calling the branch committee members for a meeting on Monday afternoon. When he put the phone back in the cradle he ordered me to get some answers by noon on Monday. I’d never seen him like this in the three years I’d been at the bank and it told me I was being somewhat ‘at risk’ for the lack of performance. I was certainly upset as I left his office. In spite of that I did remember I had to arrange to get some blankets transferred from the branch to the main office by Monday.

I started with Mike, the messenger custodian, asking if he would be willing to make a trip to the branch over the weekend. For money, he’d do just about anything. The next step was in having someone at the branch to give him access to the storage trailer. Naturally, one would think the branch manager would make himself available. He came up with a mealy mouth excuse as to why he couldn’t so I tasked him with finding someone who would. Ever the opportunist, it was Mae. I had the two of them coordinate the time before I left for home so at least one of my immediate problems was solved. Driving home, I had no idea where to even start to find the answers Bert had demanded I have by noon on Monday.

Breaking my rule about not talking about work while at home, Elle again suggested that working on the race car might be a good thing for me. When I arrived at the garage the engine was running and had already been tuned. Cliffy had checked the compression on all the cylinders and found them to be somewhat even. That had been the overriding concern about the copper ring process that been applied to the cylinder heads. After loading the car on the hauler we had a meeting about finances… or lack of. Fairlane John had bailed us out with the cost of the new rear end but hadn’t been seen since. We all agreed we needed him to pop in again. The race the next night was for twice the normal laps and none of the racers had put that many laps on the new tires we were all running by then. Ours had been on the track three different times for what, in the business, are called heat cycles. That was another unknown factor. While we were discussing that topic Cliffy’s father walked in to see what we were doing. He was a quiet man, very, very smart, who seldom interjected himself into other people’s business, even that of his son. On occasion we’d seen him around the shop but never around the race car. But, on this night he kind of sidled his way into the group to listen. He did ask about the heads and the work that had been done on them. After Cliffy explained he got up, took a few steps, turned and said but two words… “fifteen laps” and then walked away.

To be continued...

Sunday, September 17, 2017

SUMMER HEAT... so much to do (Part 161t)

SUMMER HEAT… so much going on (Part 161t)

We all played Yard Darts until Kaye got bored and then we sat on the front stoop watching the sun go down, or at least I did. Poor Barbara was besieged by the kids to play cheerleader. Elle, to take the pressure of her, volunteered to stand on her head and to teach the kids how to do it.

But for me it had been a long, long day. I’d watched Barbara as closely as I could the whole time we were playing darts but couldn’t see any obvious staining on her shorts. Just sitting there it was the first chance I had to try to analyze what my observations on and about Barbara really meant. I’d be lying if I said I had it figured out by the time we picked everything up and went inside. It wasn’t until I was in bed that I was able to put together a bit of a hypothesis. Even when I did there were questions that I knew would never be answered. The one thing I did know was that I wasn’t going to say anything to Elle about any of it.

Another item occupying my thoughts that night was what had actually taken place that afternoon when the boat got towed to the gas dock. When helping the twins exit the boat I had a chance look at the panties of one of them and thought I saw evidence of wetness in the crotch. On the other, when boosting her out of the boat I had to push on her backside and felt dampness. I’d wanted to quiz Elle on that but she had shut me down when I tried. It would have to wait until Barbara wasn’t around.

Concerning Barbara, the one thing I felt confident about was that she’d been playing with herself sometime before I walked in on her. After that I was guessing. Not taking the time to closely observe her panties at that time created a bit of a ‘hole’ in my hypothesis. The sheet being merely damp rather than obviously wet was a big part of the puzzle. Then, finding her panties in the bathroom and them not showing signs of being ‘flooded’ as would be expected if she did wet while asleep only added to it. While going over those things in my mind, adding the finding of another pair of her panties and a pair of shorts in the washing machine that were more indicative of an accidental wetting, added more to the puzzle. Elle had been asleep for a while when something she’d mentioned to me in passing some weeks earlier sprung to the fore of my consciousness… Phyllis (Barbara’s mother) had commented that she thought Barbara might be wetting on purpose.

At that time I just let it pass and I don’t know why. From Elle it was but a one sentence thing with no further observation on her part. But now it seemed to make sense… at least a little bit. I wrestled with that idea right up until Elle’s alarm went off at 1am warning her to get up and use the toilet (and to wake Barbara as well). I was lying there, wide awake, conjuring up all kinds of possibilities. However, my main thought was that Barbara had figured out that by wetting the bed at night she had an excuse to masturbate… with lubrication, and not get in trouble. She could do it and not have her mother know what she was doing. There were also some other minor possibilities that were part of my thought process but I settled on that one. Then I moved on to what was going on with Barbara when I found her in bed and the bed wasn’t really wet.

I know I fell asleep without a conclusion and the reality of what lay ahead for me during the upcoming day took precedence of my thoughts when I awoke. I definitely remember trying to come up with a sequence of the things I needed to accomplish for the day at work and hoping there weren’t too many surprises. One of the things I hadn’t accomplished on Wednesday was to talk with Betsy before she left for the day. Of course I wanted to know the numbers of new accounts but it was her observation on how Jerry handled the termination of the temporary help that was my primary thought. After asking there was a definite pause before Betsy answered. I quickly figured out that she was trying, desperately, not to throw Jerry ‘under the bus’. I challenged her on it and she admitted that it could’ve gone better. Because all three of the temporaries were related to Mae she’d been told beforehand. Surprisingly, it didn’t upset her. But, she’d taken it upon herself to warn the three of them. When Jerry called them into his office it wasn’t a shock. But, Jerry didn’t want to come across as the ‘bad guy’ and offered each of them the choice of a gift premium to ease his conscience. I asked Betsy if Mae’s sister said anything to her about the meeting before leaving and I could hear her try to stifle a laugh… and then said “No”. I knew there was more to it than that but with waiting customers I had to start opening accounts. I closed by asking if Jerry had been involved in opening new accounts and her answer was another stifled laugh. I was about to hang up when she told me he never came out of his office and that the door was always shut. I’d hoped to avoid a trip to the branch until the following week but that bit of information told me I couldn’t wait.

One of my concerns for the day had been the chance that one (or more) of the tellers or temporaries might decide to make it a four day weekend. I won’t say I held my breath but I will tell you I was taking attendance as the employees filed in. Everybody showed up and it was a good thing. Even with the three temporaries, Bret, Hobie and I opening accounts people were still waiting. It slowed down around mid morning and, after clearing it with Hobie, called Jerry to tell him I wanted meet with him over lunch. I can’t remember if he said much, if anything, but I told him I’d be at the office by 1pm.

The women had set up a couple of the card tables that had been used when opening the new accounts to fashion a temporary desk for Barb so the lobby had a different look to it as I walked in. There was still one table  left over by the gift display and there was one customer being handled at the time. Jerry’s door was closed but with the window in the wall I could see there was no one in there. I knocked but didn’t wait for an invitation. I asked if he was ready to go and he, rather blithely, told me that he’d eaten. After hearing that I can remember looking at him in disbelief (and wanting to say “What the f__k!”… but didn’t). Before I could say a word he told me his wife didn’t want him to eat “common food”. That was a new one on me. I really didn’t know what to say… or do… so I sat down next to his desk. He promptly got up and closed the door. I had to ask why he did that and, almost as surprising as his reason for not going out to eat was this one… “I keep my door closed all the time”. With that statement I was speechless.

As you can imagine this ‘episode’ was fodder for the little book Bret and I were keeping on Jerry. Long story short I told him the door should, and would, remain open from that point on. I even went so far as to tell him that if I got a report that he did close it I’d have someone come in and remove it. I expected all kinds of resistance but he just sat there with this blank (dumb) look on his face. Finally getting down to the reason for coming I told him that from here on in he was to be the primary one to open accounts. If needed, any of the tellers could and would help out but he was to get up and to meet the customers. To drive the point home I had Betsy come in and told her of my decision. As I was leaving I went out in the lobby and took the last card table down.

To be continued…

Friday, September 15, 2017

SUMMER HEAT... so much going on (Part161s)

SUMMER HEAT… so much going on (Part 161s)

We were all glad to be headed home. The girls were looking forward to, hopefully, playing with Barbara; Elle to a shower and clean clothes and for me, just some time to relax. As I exited the station wagon I noticed the kitchen door was closed. Being Summer, the door was always open when anybody was home. I saw Barbara’s bike leaning against the corner post of the porch which told me she was there so I was a bit puzzled. Elle wanted to get the girl’s sandy clothes off before they entered the house and to brush the sand off them. She hated to have sand in the house and wanted it off before they showered. We were now allowing the older two to shower by themselves which was a real thrill for them. As she was doing it she dispatched me to get clean clothes for all of them.

Once inside the kitchen I called out to Barbara but got no response. Not overly concerned because I knew she would sometimes walk across the road to sit by the pond. Upstairs, I grabbed Kaye’s things first because her room was right there. The next stop was down the hall to Jean’s room and then, crossing over the hallway, it was into Anne’s room. We’d decided to have Barbara sleep in Anne’s room for the length of her stay with us so as to cut down on the added work that having her move from room to room as had been done during her previous stay. I took but a few steps into it when, to my right, I saw Barbara lying on her back, in the bed, in just her panties and her top. What really got my attention was that one of her hands was inside the waist elastic of the panties. Knowing that if I woke her I’d embarrass her to no end I quickly retreated into the hall. I think I took a deep breath and then headed towards the stairs. Once there I realized she must’ve been playing with herself, masturbating. That thought brought on the start of a bulge… but only for a few seconds. I still had to get to Anne’s clothes and I knew Elle would be waiting so I called Barbara’s name again. It was when I called the second time that I remembered that she was a deep sleeper. For the third call out I really bellowed it. Then I heard a sort of muffled response followed by the closing of the bedroom door.

Barbara was out in the hall and fully dressed within a few minutes. She, without looking directly at me, said “Hi” and then brushed on past as she headed for the stairs. It was about then that I heard Elle call me wanting to know where I was and what was taking so long. I rushed into Anne’s room and went right to her dresser. I grabbed the first things I saw and then turned to head out. But, seeing the unmade bed and knowing that Barbara was a bedwetter I decided to check the sheets where she’d been laying. I couldn’t see obvious wetness but when I ran my hand over the spot where her backside had been I found it to be just a bit damp. Knowing I didn’t have time to really think about it I headed for the stairs.

When the older girls were finished with their showers it was Elle’s turn. She was going to let Kaye shower with her so she didn’t feel left out. Again, she sent me upstairs to pick out some things for her to wear. As she did she reminded me that we had a guest and for me to be thinking about that in my choices for her. I was well aware of that fact but was planning on taking my ‘cue’ from what she usually wore. Probably half her shorts and pants were white and I loved that because they would show off a very nice VPL (visible panty line). I knew I’d get grief if I brought down two pair of panties so decided to go for a pair of fancy ones and chose another pair of Van Raalte which sported a large crotch area. As I was about to head down the stairs I decided to take one last look at Barbara’s bed and the area around it. One recurring thought I had was in trying to remember what she’d been wearing when we left in the morning. When she passed me in the hall I really didn’t have time to focus on what she had on for shorts. Finding nothing more than the slightly damp spot on the bed I then took a quick peek around the door into the bathroom. The door opened inwards and was stopped by the bathtub. I glanced into the tub but it was empty. Running out of time before Elle would be ready for her clothes I backed away. But, as I did, I thought I saw something on the doorknob but on the side facing the tub. I looked and… jackpot!

There was nothing new about the panties… band leg, double back, white cotton Lollipops. When I held them up I was sure they’d show that they’d been wet. Seeing her asleep in bed my initial thought was that she’d wet while asleep. But when I held them to the light I saw something totally unexpected… multiple stains that indicated that they’d been wet more than once. Turning them to view the back I found the same thing. From years of living with Elle and her night time wetting I knew the panties should be wet all the way up to the waist elastic. These weren’t. The staining went about half way and when I compared the back to the front it was just about the same. I was staring at the ‘tide lines’ (what I called the stain markings when wet panties were left to dry without being washed out) when I heard Elle calling… loudly. Putting the panties carefully back on the doorknob I headed downstairs with some questions to contemplate.

With everybody dressed we all gathered on the screened in porch to decide what to do for supper. Before starting the discussion Elle said she had no plans to cook and looked right at me. I pretty much knew she was thinking of me doing the hibachi thing again. But, just as adamant as she was about not cooking inside I took a similar position about cooking outside. Then the light went on… “PIZZA!” How to be an instant hero… A call to Traveller’s Rest and about 45 minutes later we were chowing down. It was while eating that I took a close look at Barbara. I was trying to remember if the outfit she was wearing was the same as she’d had on in the morning. It just wasn’t coming to me and it made me a bit mad. I took pride in being attentive to little things and I just wasn’t sure. When we’d finished the girls wanted to play the new game we’d given Jean for her birthday called Yard Darts. It was sort of like ring toss only you would try to throw these slightly weighted finned pieces with a rounded tip into a circle. The circles that came with the game had proven to be too small for the kids so I’d started making larger ones out of rope. To give them stiffness I was coating them with epoxy and they were down in the basement. So, that meant a trip there to retrieve them.

While getting the new circles I saw the washing machine under the stairs. It reminded me that Elle had told Barbara to take her wet things down to the basement and put them in the washing machine whenever she woke up wet. Even though Phyllis had told Elle that Barbara would do her own wash Elle had overridden that. Because we were on an old septic system we had to be judicious about waste water and Elle was a pretty good judge on just how much water was needed to get loads of various sizes clean. Remembering that I’d seen Barbara in a wet ‘package’ that morning I went over to take a look. I expected to see two wet panties and probably her sheet but there, right on top, was but one pair and a pair of shorts. When I pulled them out I could see, even in the poor light, that they looked similar to the panties I’d seen hanging on the bathroom door… staining only half way up both the front and back. I found it very interesting!

To be continued…

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

SUMMER HEAT... so much going on (Part 161r)

SUMMER HEAT… so much going on (Part 161r)

The destination for the tow was a gas dock located in a small, narrow sheltered creek. The fishermen towed us in only to find there were three large boats waiting for service. I was somewhat familiar with the creek because it lay adjacent to one of the sailboat racing clubs in the area. My problem, once in the creek, was how to propel the boat with no power. The two guys got us over to an unoccupied, but rickety, finger pier. My first order of business was to call my father before he notified the Coast Guard (as he’d done once when I was a teen) to report us as missing. The office (and I use the description loosely) was a decrepit shack that only sold gas and bait for fishing… no food or drinks. There was a pay phone (remember them?) attached to the exterior and I headed there. Naturally, my father was relieved to hear from me and apologized for not remembering about the gas situation. He didn’t wait for me to ask but told me straight away that he would be there in 20 minutes to pick everybody up. I knew the twins and probably Elle had had enough boating for the day.

Before returning to the boat I went in the office and the owner found a one gallon can and filled it with gas. I didn’t need much to get the boat to the gas pump. Back at the boat I announced what would be happening. Standing on the pier and looking down at them I could see one twin holding the boy across her lap and the other entertaining the girls while sitting on the cover over the engine. Elle hadn’t moved from her seat at the rear of the boat since we’d arrived at the creek. I knew that she sometimes showed signs of being seasick and figured that was the case. I got back aboard and set the plan in motion to get everybody back on land. The big difference from the dock at my parent’s place was that this one didn’t have a ladder of any kind. I warned them it was going to be awkward no matter what we did.

My real concern was in getting the kids safely onto land. I suggested that one of the twins be the first off so she could monitor each of the kids while the others followed. At 6’1” I had legs at least six inches longer than any of them did so I was going to have to assist them getting up onto the pier. I distinctly remember them looking at each other and then sort of rolling their eyes. I explained to the kids what would be happening and then assisted one of the twins up onto the side of the boat. The cap around the side was maybe three inches wide so there was not a lot to stand on. I told her I’d have to boost her up and onto the pier as best I could but as I did she’d have to try and crawl far enough so that she could swing her legs up and onto the decking of the pier. I had her place both hands up onto the dock and then, grabbing the calf of one leg I lifted. I was looking up to see how far she’d gotten when I saw the pink I’d seen earlier. She was almost there when I told her I’d lift the leg and put it on the deck. But, she said she thought she could do it on her own.

Why she didn’t fall back into the boat I’ll never know. I ended up pushing/rolling her over onto her side and as I did she ended up on her back with one leg splayed out in my direction. As I asked if she was OK I was looking at the crotch of her panties. For sure there were two shades of pink. I didn’t have time to dwell on it as the other twin was there telling her to put her legs together. Right after that we all decided that the twin on the dock would pull the other one up while I give a boost from below. I surely could’ve used some help from Elle but she remained seated. Then the other twin stepped up and onto the side of the boat and reached up for her sister to grab hold of her hands. I wasn’t sure just where I was going to put my hands to give the boost that was needed when I heard the sister on the dock say “Now!”. The only place for my hands was right on her butt cheeks so that’s where they went. My fear was that if she didn’t make it she was going to end up back in the boat and on top of me so I pushed as hard as I could and after a few seconds could feel the load lighten… she’d made it. I took a deep breath and gave thanks. My guess is that she probably only weighed 130 pounds but in that situation it seemed like 130 tons. It was only a few seconds later that it came to me that while I was pushing on her rear end that it was damp. I took a quick look as she was walking down the dock but the flowered print of her dress muted whatever dampness there was. I looked over my shoulder at Elle hoping that I could cajole her into telling me about what happened while I was making the phone call.

It took but a few minutes to get the kids up and onto shore. My father was there before the last one made it to the end of the pier. While still in the boat I turned and asked Elle if she was going with my father. Not answering, she then stood up and turned around. The whole backside of her purple shorts had turned almost black from the wetness. Her answer ended up being  a terse “No!” I  struggled, once again, to get up on the pier and apologized to the twins for “the boat trip to hell” knowing full well that it was actually my father’s fault. Before leaving he did give me money for gas. By then the line for the gas dock was down to but one. On the way back it was slow going because of the limited speed of the boat but also the waves we had to plow through. We were both famished and I knew that by the time we got back most of the afternoon would be gone.

Once out of the creek and in open water I convinced Elle to take off her shorts so they would have a chance to dry. The high sides of the boat made my argument plausible and, somewhat reluctantly, she complied. I took note of the fact that even though she was wearing but one pair of panties they were a pair of fancy Van Raalte, my favorite brand. They had the largest crotch area and put out an incredible VPL. It was a nice diversion. By the time we got back, with the aid of the sun and wind, the shorts had dried to a point that the difference in color from front to back was hardly noticeable. Elle made me promise that we’d leave soon after we got to my parents house. That was fine by me. Granted, I’d been treated to any number of peeks and, probably wet panties to boot, the day had been stressful.

With the boat back at the dock Elle and I headed for the front of the house with both of us hoping to make a quick get-away. We should’ve known better. My mother was ready for us with “an offer we couldn’t refuse”… my father would grill a couple of his prize steaks for us. The twins had been persuaded to stay overnight and she thought it would be a good way to end the day. I think I shocked her with my “Thanks, but no thanks…” answer. Elle helped by bringing up the fact that we had Barbara staying with us. As we made our way to the driveway, with my mother still pleading for us to change our minds, I got an unexpected reward. We passed by the clothes line and it gave me confirmation of the panties the twins had been wearing… Lollipop cotton bikinis. Their dresses as well as the clothing their kids had been wearing were blowing briskly in the breeze. I couldn’t wait to talk with Elle, alone.

To be continued…

Monday, September 11, 2017

SUMMER HEAT... so much going on (Part 161q)

SUMMER HEAT… so much going on (Part 161q)

The boat was almost 20 years old but in fairly good condition. It was an 18 foot open boat with no cabin and plenty of seats. I’d suggested that my father get rid of it since he only used a few times each Summer but he’d bought it for his father who dearly loved it. I remember my grandfather taking it out by himself at the age of 90. Now that should be a hint that it wasn’t abused. In fact, the first time my father and I went out in it after he died we tried to go full throttle with the engine but the controls were frozen so it would only go at half speed. My father was a procrastinator and he kept putting off fixing it and just putted around at half speed whenever he used it. As the boat was being secured to the dock so we could board it I was thinking that was a good thing what with five kids on board (and we didn’t have life vests for passengers back in those days.).

The hard part was getting on board from the dock. The area we were in had about a three foot tide and, because of shifting bottom sand, you could only bring the boat to the dock at half to flood tide. I was the first to board and the only reason the boat wasn’t bouncing off the bottom was the wind was calm with no appreciable wave action. There was a ladder (of sorts) attached to the dock but it was difficult to use. I, because I’d used it since I was a boy, had no trouble with it. The others had to be helped to prevent them from falling. Once in the boat I reached up and took each of my girls but when I attempted to do the same with the other kids they resisted. So, one of the twins made the first attempt to board.

The only way it could be done was to back down the steps which were spaced further apart than steps on a normal ladder. It would be my job to guide each of the legs/feet of the person to each step. When I first looked up I remember taking a deep breath. When the woman (I couldn’t tell the twins apart) started down my concentration was on her pink pantied backside and not on where to place her foot. There were three separate steps which gave me a prolonged view of what I finally decided were most likely Lollipop cotton bikinis because of the large crotch. When she was safely in the boat I could feel my heart beating in my chest and the pressure of the now rather large bulge in my shorts. Thankfully, she concentrated on talking the two kids still on the dock into to letting me take them into the boat so I didn’t have to look right at her. The kids were still a bit reluctant even with one of the twins on the dock and the other in the boat. They finally were able to persuade the kids to let me lift them in. The reason I said “Thankfully” was it did give me a chance to somewhat recover from the shock of my upskirt discovery. Now, there was another one yet to come. This time I was more prepared.

What I wasn’t prepared for was the twin who was now in the boat calling out to her sister who was starting down the ladder to cover her backside. It was obvious that she could see how exposed her sister was as she started to descend. Hearing that I had to smile. I knew there was no way she could come down that ladder without holding on with both hands. And… there was no way I could assist in the boarding process without looking up to be able to guide each foot to the steps. There was one difference in the panties though… they were a very light blue but with the same enlarged crotch indicating to me that they were made by Lollipop. My ‘reaction’ was more muted this time but I did avoid turning towards either of the women as I still had to help Elle get aboard. When I looked up at her I was surprised at just how much of her panties I could see up the leg openings of her shorts. I liked the shorts even more when I saw it.

There was no real destination for our trip. It was just going to be a short ride out on the water. The kids filled the whole back seat and the women sat on the cover over the engine. One of the twins asked about the island off to the East and Elle proceeded to tell of a few of our teen aged adventures. So, with that as a topic I headed in that direction. We had gotten about 2/3 of the way when the engine sputtered and stopped. To get to it I had to have the women get up from their seat so I could remove the cover. They stood around watching me ’tweak’ this and that but with no appreciable results. When the thought came to me that we might be out of gas I didn’t want to believe it. But, after rearranging the kids to get to the tank I was able to confirm that lack of gas was the culprit.

There was no panic and just mild concern expressed by the women. The best case scenario was to hope another boater would pass near to us. Worst case was that, in time, we’d drift to shore.    The wind, now picking up as it usually did in the early afternoon, was pushing us in the right direction. That was good. But, what was not good was that now there were waves… and waves made the boat rock back and forth… and that created a problem for the little boy. The mother got him to the side and he upchucked into the water. I have no idea why that triggered my Kaye to say she had to go tinkle… and that brings me back to my grandfather.

He had a prostrate problem and kept a one gallon galvanized pail under the front deck. There were no portable toilets available in those days so that was his toilet. I got it out and handed it to Elle. The idea was for Elle to pull down Kaye’s shorts and panties and then steady her while she straddled the pail. That was the idea and, like the saying goes, “many a slip ’tween the cup and the lips” only in this case it was a slip between the body and pail. Kaye was pretty much OK with it until she started to pee and then, with the boat rocking, she started to fall and the pee was going just about everywhere but in the pail. When Elle suggested that our other two do the same I can remember them shaking their head from side to side indicating they wanted no part of it. That left the other girl and she was following Jean and Anne’s lead by indicating that she wouldn’t try it either.

After a while I spied a boat headed our way. The wind had continued to build making higher waves but it was pushing us closer to shore. It was definitely the right direction as I knew I could get gas there. I took my shirt off and was waving it wildly trying to get the attention of the other boat and wasn’t paying attention to Elle, the twins and the kids. For a while I thought we were going to be passed by but the boat finally turned towards us. It was powered by an outboard motor which meant I couldn’t use their gas. Outboards had oil mixed in with the gas and my fathers boat used plain regular gas. But, the two guys threw us a line and offered to tow us to the gas dock on shore. By then it was close to 1pm. We’d been on the water for over two hours. It was on the tow in that I started thinking about Elle and just how long it had been since she’d last used a toilet. With the two guys in the tow boat ahead of us and, knowing Elle as I did, the chance for her to use the pail as a toilet was now severely diminished. Along those lines I also remember wondering how the twins were doing. 

To be continued…