Saturday, April 22, 2017

A LKOT OF WORK... & play too (Part 158d)

A LOT OF WORK… & some play too (Part 158d)

It was dusk when I turned the key in the lock when we left. Lorie was all apologetic but, as I’ve written before, I had two routes to choose from to head home and one took me right next to her house. I’d dropped her off a time or two in the past and had noted how close to the road the wash line was. On a few occasions I’d driven that way and had seen panties on the line and had thought about making it my regular route… but didn’t. Her house was right on a corner with a stop light. It seemed that every time I went that way the light would be red for me… and it was as we approached. Stopped, I could see that part of the fence in front of the house was torn up. Lorie told me that the guy had made the turn at high speed and didn’t make it, driving right through the fence and into her parent’s car parked in the driveway. She said the police believed that his foot was still on the accelerator when he hit their car.

Lorie told me not to make the turn but to leave her off on the road along side the house. As I pulled to a stop I, again, noted just how close to the fence the clothes line was. There were but a few small towels hanging there but I could readily see that if I were standing at the fence I could reach over and touch them. As she walked away from the car I could envision panties in place of the towels. A nice thought. After pulling away, further on down the road, I told myself to start using this route both coming and going.

On Friday morning the sales rep and engineer from the telephone company were waiting for me when I arrived. I had too much to do to stay with them so asked Bret to do it for me. He was familiar with our needs so left it up to him to guide them. They were there the whole morning and when they finally left I was told I’d have a proposal by Wednesday.

I’d called Morris to let him know I’d need the paperwork to formally cement the deal. He hadn’t been in the office so I left a message with the woman who worked with him fully expecting a return call. By Friday evening I still hadn’t heard from him but, remembering how disorganized his place was, sloughed it off making a note to follow up the next week. Because I’d not been there the previous two Friday nights I was saddled with the ‘late shift’, working until 6pm. Business was slow so I was happy to be able to get caught up a bit. Just before it was time to close the doors I saw Lillian fall off her stool. Too lazy to get off and easily get a folder behind her she reached for it toppling over hitting her chin on the ledge of the fire safe. From my desk I couldn’t see where she’d landed but immediately ran to the teller area. She was crumpled up on the floor and bleeding from a wound on her forehead.

By the time I reached Lillian, Alice, who had the window next to her, was hysterical and blocking my access to her. I physically had to move her to get a closer look. As I did I could see Lillian roll from her side to her back. When she did she pulled her knees up towards her chest and put out one arm as if she wanted to be pulled up. Instinctively, I reached for her hand before realizing that it would be best to let her lie there and to assess her true condition. I pulled back my hand and bent down to tell her to just relax. As she did I think it was Jax, another teller, who had rolled up a jacket or something and put it under her head.

I know you won’t believe me but in spite of the obviously compromising position Lillian was in and my close proximity to her, I really never paid any attention to her very exposed panties. I was on my knees and close to her face telling her to be calm and to take deep breaths. It wasn’t until I felt something brush by my right hip that I turned back to see what it was. When I did I got a very quick glance at what seemed to be pink panties and saw Alice, now calmed down, trying to cover Lillian’s mid section by pulling down the hem of her dress.

Being a Friday evening (after 3pm) there were only three tellers on duty. Lillian was on the floor, Alice was attending to her along with me while Jaz was hovering over us. No one was paying any attention to the customers. I heard a loud male voice demanding some attention. It took a few seconds for me to recognize it… the owner of one of the drug stores in town (and also an obnoxious customer). I remember thinking he was the last person I needed at that moment. Even with a dozen thoughts flying around in my head the one thing I was focused on was Lillian. By then I was wondering if she should go to the hospital. The bleeding wasn’t all that bad but the gash looked bad. Then I heard the customer again and it suddenly came to me that with him being a pharmacist he could probably tell me. So, in spite of my personal feelings towards him and the fact that customers weren’t allowed in the work area, I had him come to take a look at her.

Alice and I got up to give him access and he didn’t take long to tell us there was nothing critical but that she definitely needed stitches and should go to the emergency room. That created a major problem for me. Who would take her? I couldn’t as I was the only bank officer in the building. As such, I had to see that the cash boxes were in the vault and the vault was locked before I could leave. It was just a bit past 5:30pm and a half hour until the doors closed. Looking at the staff I wasn’t all that confident that any of them wouldn’t freak out with the bleeding if I asked one of them to do it. What to do?

To be continued…

Thursday, April 20, 2017

A LOT OF WORK... & play too (Part158c)

A LOT OF WORK… & play too (Part 158c)

While waiting, the sales rep for the telephone company called wanting to set up an appointment to go over what new equipment we’d need to replace the obsolete PBX board. Listening to him I had visions of a vulture hovering over his prey as he started a sales pitch not 30 seconds into the call. I shot him down by telling him that before anything got started a survey of our current needs would be required. The present configuration was, by no means, adequate. We’d added at least five new employees since I’d started who needed their own phones. We agreed that he’d bring an engineer on Friday. Just another project to add to what seemed like a never ending list.

I was meeting with Jerry to see how his ‘list’ of required forms was coming when Trish came over to tell me Hobie was on the phone. I didn’t know what to make of that and when he asked if I could arrange for Morris to come to meet the branch committee the bank and explain just how the billing would work, I could’ve given him the answer right then and there… “No way!”. Disorganized as Morris' operation was, on the surface it had appeared to be a ‘one man operation’. The surprising thing to me had been  that many of his customers were big banks. He’d done me a favor by letting me come to his office and agreeing to supply, by comparison, a piddling amount of premium/gifts. However, I told Hobie I’d call.

As expected, Morris was in his office. At least the laugh I got from him when I asked sounded good natured. Before he hung up I did get him to agree to talk with Hobie. I connected the two of them and dropped off the line. Back to waiting again but this time with a definite negative bent. Five o’clock came and then five thirty. I’d just called Elle to tell her to ahead and eat without me when the first of the Trustees started across the lobby. I was the only one left to let them out the door and it was almost as if I was invisible. It was Gee, the Trustee/attorney, who finally acknowledged me. It was just one sentence… “Good choices and we’ll do well with them.”

My analysis of the makeup of the branch committee members was right on target. When Hobie told me who pushed for the proposal I had a hard time to keep from letting out a little chuckle. It was the same Trustee who was a member of my church and a ‘power broker’ behind the scenes with the school board. I knew how he operated in both those organizations and fully expected to see the same with the premium/gift situation. When Hobie finally appeared and said it was a “Go!” it was a bit anticlimactic. But the decision took one major headache off my list.

The next morning we were back up and running as far as being on-line with the data center was concerned. However, we had a real backlog of transactions that needed to be posted. Bruce, from the data center, called to say that the phone company had found some “glitches” in how they’d configured some of the switches and the service should be better. That was the good news… the bad was that the interruptions would continue. As the phone company added more and more customers who would be using data transmission, each time a new customer got ’switched on’ there was the potential for a disruption. It was like a cloud over my head.

It was Thursday that I finally got back to meeting with Jerry and his ‘assignment’. I could’ve saved him the time because I had a folio of every form the bank used but I wanted him to do the actual research. I almost knew before we started that he wasn’t even close to having a complete set of the forms and I was right. He didn’t have even one form from the mortgage department. I was laughing (at him) when I asked how could he, running a branch of a bank who specialized in mortgage loans, not have application forms to offer the public. In my mind the guy was a loser and there wasn’t anything I could do to change the Trustees decision to hire him. By the time we finished up I’d identified, off the top of my head, at least a dozen missing forms he’d need. Walking back to my desk I had the feeling that I’d be making any number of trips to the branch to clean up ‘messes’ that he’d create.

Speaking of messes, I had one of my own. Because we were now into May and the ‘books’ of the bank had to be closed as of April 30, I had to see that all the deposit and withdrawals for the last few days when we’d been off-line were posted. I asked for volunteers to stay after hours to get it done and had a fair response. The one who I didn’t expect was Lorie. Now a supervisor with no teller experience, she stepped up to see the project through. The only caveat to her offer was that she needed a ride home. Her father’s car had been totaled by a drunk driver right out in front of their house. He was a night foreman at a local aerospace facility and had needed her car to get to work. Knowing the importance of getting the posting done I ‘bit the bullet’ and said I’d stay and give her a ride. As her home wasn’t all that far away she would sometimes walk. But, since it would most likely be dark by the time she was finished and there were no sidewalks, she wanted the safety of a ride.

To be continued…

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

A LOT OF WORK... and a little play (Part158b)

A LOT OF WORK… & play too (Part158b)

Elle didn’t like to be around me when I was in a bad mood so I decided to make it easy on her and told her I was going to letter the racecar when I arrived home. I figured I wouldn’t have to give up any of my new found ‘money’ that way. I’d be out of her sight and would be productive at the same time. It worked out in another way because the rest of the crew weren’t planning on being at the shop and it would make it easier to letter without people on and around the car. After all of the partners had agreed on the colors and number to use I’d designed the layout. I’d made up a sketch but until it was actually applied to the car there was no way to know how it would really look. I was trying to find a way to make our car stand out against the competition, at least as far as it looked. Most cars were of one color and the only contrast was the color of the number on the car. When I finished one side I was really pleased which changed my mood considerably. I finished up around 11pm or so. Driving home I couldn’t wait to see the car on the track.

The package from Morris arrived during the noon hour. I’d told Bret about the choices I’d made and when he saw the box next to my desk he wanted to see what was in it. I wanted to open it in front of Hobie, to get his reaction. I’d told Bret what the items were to somewhat appease him but he was like a kid at Christmas. I caught Hobie’s eye as he returned from lunch and he waved me into his office area. I knew I had to be careful with my presentation so as to not upset him. I laid the premiums/gifts on his desk as I removed them from the shipping carton. I was waiting for a comment but none came. Finally he asked the question I’d been waiting for. Pointing to the mixer and drill… “They have to cost more than $10, don’t they?”

The next ten minutes or so was taken up with me describing Morris and his business. My emphasis was on the fact that these very same gifts had been purchased and given away by some of the large city banks for almost a year. With that fact acknowledged I told him how they got away with it and how Morris was prepared to do the same for us in spite of our small size. I could see that Hobie was uncomfortable with the concept but I hammered on the point that our competition wouldn’t have premiums/gifts any where near as nice. If we (the bank) wanted to make a statement in our new area this was the way to do it. As I talked I felt like I was a clone of Morris with his ‘hard sell’ tactics.

It was fairly obvious that he didn’t like the deception but he suggested we take the premiums up to show Bert. That, in itself, was a plus. Bert, who was a ‘by the books’ manager, rejected the concept right off. However, in what was a complete surprise, Hobie took up my argument about wanting to make a statement in the new area. Bert still wasn’t ‘sold’ but accepted Hobie’s suggestion to take it to the branch committee. With a mortgage committee meeting scheduled for the next day it would only take a few phone calls to have the branch committee there as well.

You already know my feelings about the Trustees and especially the fuzzy thinking that they’d shown in planning for the new branch office. There was one member that I felt would go for the concept and he, although not chairman of the branch committee, had a fair amount of ‘pull’ and could possibly convince the rest of the committee. I walked out of Bert’s office feeling somewhat confident.

My posiitive ‘vibes’ were eliminated when Bret told me that the bank was “off line” meaning our data was not being sent or received by the the data center. An immediate call to them brought forth the news that they had contacted the phone company to run a  full check on all the phone lines that carried the data between the two places. The center had no idea how long it would take. My first reaction was that my complaint to Albie from the night before had gotten some action but… at what cost.

Thankfully, lobby traffic was slow. It was fairly easy to appease customers who were upset since each one could be given individual attention. On the back side of that was the tellers would have to re-enter all those transactions when communication was restored. By the end of the day we still were still ’down’ and I was unable to get any kind of an answer when we’d be operational. It was a case of getting what I wanted but without having figured in the ‘cost’. On my way home I wondered if my implied threat to Albie had been wise.

There was no change in the status of the data communications the following morning. Even though we were not all that busy the re-entry items were piling up. When a number of calls to Albie were not returned I ‘pulled rank’ and called his boss, Bruce. He said he was unaware of the situation but would have an answer by the end of the day. It was definitely not what I wanted to hear but at least it was something.

When I saw the Trustees who were members of the mortgage and branch committees headed for the elevator I got a bit apprehensive. Even though I’d done the ‘dirty work’ of ferreting out the premium/gifts, it was Hobie who would present them. I had mixed emotions about how hard he would push for their acceptance. I knew at least two members of the committee who would vote against them. They had shown their preference for cheap when choosing the premiums/gifts for our first new account campaign. For me, all I could do was wait.

To be continued...

Sunday, April 16, 2017

A LOT OF WORK... a little play (Part 158a)

A LOT OF WORK… a little play (Part 158a)

My meeting with Hobie (Bert chose not to join in) about the pending legislation went as well as could be expected. I’m not one who would be called a pessimist or an optimist, preferring the mantle of pragmatist. So, when Hobie asked about costs for implementation I couldn’t give him an answer… and he didn’t like that. He’d thought that was information we’d be given at the conference. When it came to reporting on my meeting with the premium/gift distributor, I knew if I told him the projected cost he’d hit the ceiling. So, I told him I needed to have the premiums/gifts in hand and they would be delivered the next day. That brought forth another frown. I’d been at the bank long enough to get to know Hobie’s traits and when he got into this mood it usually meant trouble. At that point, clearly showing frustration with me, he told me to get with Gerry and work up a list of all the supplies he’d need for the new branch. To me, that was punishment. Hobie knew my feelings about Gerry and to assign me a task like that was a slap in the face.

Back at my desk, Bret came over to me to say the telephone company had come to look at the PBX switchboard. I could tell from the way he approached that the news wasn’t good. The problem was caused by wear and tear and with the equipment being 30 plus years old, they didn’t have replacements for it. In fact, Bret told me that the guy who came to look at it was the only one left at the phone company who knew anything about them. Basically, we needed a whole new system. More bad news!

A call went in to Albie at the service bureau to tell him to activate our order for the teller machines for the branch. His secretary took the message and told me he’d call back. I spent the next bit of time rummaging through the mail stacked on my desk putting off meeting with Gerry. I finally sat down at his desk and asked if he’d thought about the everyday supplies the branch would need. I can still remember the blank stare I got as an answer. Pressing him, I asked how his prior employer handled setting up new branches. Again, a blank stare. I finally got him to say he’d never been a party to the opening of a new branch. By then I was determined that I wasn’t going to lead him around I told him he needed to find every form that we at the main office used and to make up a folio of them. His response… “Why can’t Trish do that?”, like it was beneath him to do such a task. Believe me when I say it took every bit of restraint I had not to scream at him “Because I told you to do it!” As you can see, the morning did not get off to a good start.

By mid afternoon I’d made an appointment with a sales rep from the telephone company about replacing the PBX switchboard. But I also made a few calls to friends I’d made at local banks to see what they were using for phone equipment. One of the calls was to the bank that Gina had gone to work for. I was tempted to ask about her but at the last second stayed on topic… telephone systems. I didn’t realize it at the time but the call ended up being pivotal in the eventual decision. I was advised to go to an outside manufacturer. I stored that away for future reference.

As far as the teller line was concerned, from a personnel standpoint everything was running smoothly, especially when it came to Lorie. She’d taken to the supervisory part and was quickly grasping all the nuances of the banking regulations. The only problem in the whole area was the intermittent loss of communication with the data center. It annoyed both the tellers and the customers. Still awaiting Albie’s return phone call I decided to make that an ‘issue’ when I talked with him.

I’d only been physically in the building four days over the past two weeks. It felt like I’d been away for a month. I’d hired a new switchboard operator, Mary Carol, right before leaving on vacation and I felt I should follow up with her, especially with the switchboard acting up. One of my favorite things to do when Netta was the operator was to climb the stairs hoping to find her in a ‘compromising’ position. Being that Netta was fairly good looking, it was always a thrill to catch her with her legs spread apart. However, Mary Carol wasn’t all that attractive and was a bit overweight. On my trip up the stairs I found exactly what I would’ve hoped for when Netta was there… knees spread apart... but thighs heavy enough to block the ‘view’.

Albie finally returned my call just as I was about to leave for the day. When I told him to go ahead and place the order for the two teller machines I could hear the change in the tone of his voice. He'd always been 'straight' with me as far as handling problems but I had a bad feeling when he told me that the machine manufacturer was behind on deliveries. It had been the same story back before we made the conversion in December and it seemed strange that nothing had changed in four months. Having not had a good day I 'exploded' on him telling him  that he better come up with two machines by mid June. I didn't have the authority to issue an "or else" or I would've. Not satisfied to end the conversation there I brought up the continuing dropped connections. On this topic I did have some leverage as I had friends at a bank the service center was trying to bring on board as a customer for data services. I closed the call on a very 'cold' note telling him to come up with a solution to the problem by the end of May.

To be continued…

Friday, April 14, 2017

HOME AGAIN... to some surprises (Part 157l)

HOME AGAIN… to see surprises (Part 157l)

I wasn’t sure what Elle’s reaction would be when I walked into the kitchen. Surprisingly, she seemed apologetic. I liked it when she was in that mode. Usually, it was like ‘money in the bank’ when it came time for me to want something that Elle wasn’t all that enthusiastic about. She explained her reasons for not coming to pick me up and I, taking advantage the situation, told her I understood and let the topic die. With her in a relatively good mood and the kids outside I decided that a quick visit up her skirt was in order. I, truthfully, wasn’t expecting anything so when I felt her panties I was a bit surprised to find them damp. But there was something else. I felt the nylon satin but there was something more. I’d felt her when she wore two pair of the ‘dribble panties’ but the feel this time was way different. I pulled back and asked her what she was wearing.

She hesitated and told me she had a couple of ‘accidents’ during the week explaining that instead of getting a bit of a warning that she had to find a toilet in the form of a little squirt or dribble as usual, it had been much more. I probably had a somewhat puzzled look on my face so she continued. Her 4H group had a field trip first thing in the morning. Not knowing just what she'd find in the way of rest rooms at their destination she thought it might be a good idea to wear a sanitary pad between two panties. I knew she sometimes wore a partial package that included a sanitary pad and pair of sanitary panties over everything so I asked why she hadn’t done that. All I got was a shrug. I remember asking if it had helped and she said it did… there was no puddle… this time. The ‘this time’ had me going. I asked why she hadn’t told me and I got a quick retort… “because you weren’t here”. Thinking back, she was right. I hadn’t been home either Thursday or Friday nights and I wondered what I'd missed.

As interesting as all that was I definitely needed something to eat. All I’d eaten were two stale donuts back at the train station in the city around 8:30am. After eating I went and changed my clothes and found the boxes with the electric hand mixer and drill I’d got from Morris. When I gave the mixer to Elle she wanted to know what had prompted me to buy her that. I could hear the accusatory tone in her voice but showed her my electric drill and told her of my meeting with Morris. That calmed her down but I still had my regular Saturday chores ahead of me. I knew I’d promised to help work on the racecar and had a brief thought of using my newly minted ‘money’ to tell her I was going to the shop. But, I decided I’d call Cliffy to see if I was really needed. He wasn’t happy but acknowledged that they were almost finished up with the painting of the car. He did tell me when the paint dried it would be ready for me to put the numbers on. He didn’t come right out and say it but I got the hint he expected me to do it the next day.

When I went back outside to collect the garbage pails and other trash I could see that the twins were now participating in the activity. They were in the process of making a pyramid and the twins had been placed on the bottom as they were the biggest. I went over to observe and could see they were laughing. I could also see that when my girls had climbed up on one of their backs she’d dragged the hem of her dress up with her. I didn’t want to be too obvious as I worked my way over to be somewhat behind them. I was at about a 45 degree angle to them and it was enough to see a nice, round butt cheek encased in pink. I was about fifteen feet away and it was my guess the panties were nylon. As I observed them I wondered if German made panties were different than the ones made in the USA.

I had no reasonable reason to stay where I was so I finished loading up the station wagon and headed for the town landfill. On my way I got to thinking about the twins and all the panties that they would add to the next door wash line. It reminded me that the last time I’d been over to their yard there was no wash line at all. I made a mental note to find a way to check it out during the week.

Upon my return Elle kind of casually let it be known that the ‘group’ was having a party that night. I’d not told Elle about being told by Bob that they wanted me to run for the school board. So, when I heard her mention a party for that night I knew what it would be about… and I wanted no part of it. I fabricated some excuse why I didn’t want to go and she accepted it. I was under enough pressure at work and surely didn’t need to run for the school board to add to it.

I think it rained on Sunday because I don’t remember doing much of anything. With what I knew lay ahead of me at work for the upcoming week it was a welcome respite. I did go over in my mind just what I was going to report to Hobie and Bert about the conference and the pending legislation. I’d come away from it feeling that we (the bank) could get away without spending a lot of money… and that thought reminded me about the gifts we’d be buying for the grand opening of the new branch. Morris had ‘sold’ me on the four items but I hadn’t done the math to calculate just how much they would actually cost after adding in his ‘consulting' fees. I knew it would be an interesting week.

To be continued…

Thursday, April 13, 2017

A very short 'Time Out"... Hopefully...

A vert short "Time Out"... hopefully...

Elle's surgery went well... although not without a number of delays on the actual day (three delays). She was supposed to be discharged yesterday, the day after the surgery, but, believe it or not, she 'failed' Occupational Therapy and they wouldn't release her. She'd persuaded me to spend the night of her surgery on the small love seat in her room... painful!!! So, staying the second night was even more so. The O T lady was nice and made us her first stop. I guess the panty gods were watching over me and rewarded me for my pain as the OT lady had an assistant with her today... an attractive young blonde wearing pink scrubs. As soon as I saw her I was hoping for a VPL but not expecting one. The session was almost over when the OT lady got a phone call and had to leave. The assistant was left to finsih up the paperwork and to pick up the materials they had used to demonstrate what Elle would be doing in her rehab sessions... and that's when I, more or less, hit the 'jackpot'... a VPL with a crotch line. (It's been a while.) But the best was yet to come... a DP! And it was a shocker. Almost all the recent DP's I've witnessed have been with thongs (YUK!), especially the younger, and fairly attractive ones. But this was an old fashioned one in which the young lady was wearing full briefs. The scrubs were obviously the more modern style with the waist line being somewhat lower than her natural waist. That gave me at least two inches of ivory colored shiny nylon panties to view as she picked up the weights and tension elastics off the floor. At the same time I was also able to see that the panties weren't high thighs but the old fashioned style like Elle wears. If I was to make a complaint it would be that the panties were definitely manufactured recently. The crotch line was a straight line from side to side and not the old fashioned curved style. However, I took the sighting to be a reward for two nights of poor and painful sleep.

BTW; The blog will continue tomorrow. Our middle daughter came to visit with Elle (and me) and didn't leave until after 11pm. I figured I'd just write about my good fortune tonight and continue on when I'm not as tired. Hope you enjoyed...


Tuesday, April 11, 2017

HOME AGAIN... to some surprises (Part 157k)

HOME AGAIN… to some surprises (Part 157k)

Certainly not expecting that, I hesitated before answering. I don’t remember much of what Bull said except I distinctly remember him looking at Bitsy and in a questioning way saying “OK?”. I also remember the look on her face. I can still see her eyes, wide open, just as if a firecracker had gone off in front of her while walking down the street. As much the idea of sleeping in the same room as a very cute woman was tempting, I just couldn’t accept the offer. I was ‘safe’ in that I hadn’t told them about my disdain of going to my aunt and uncle’s house so when I explained who I was calling I came across as doing the ‘family thing’.

My aunt was, for lack of a better description, ‘ a pill’. My uncle was my mother’s brother and he was a ‘good guy’ but I rarely ever saw him because of my aunt. She was a control freak and ordered everybody, and I mean everybody, around. Fortunately,  I was able to contact my uncle who was a corporate attorney in the city. He had no problem with it and we agreed to meet at the train terminal.  I don’t know how long it had been since I’d been to their house. My cousin was still living at home at that time and I knew she’d gotten a teaching job some distance away. I won’t bore you with details except to say, as expected, it was painful. When it came time to go to bed I had one glimmer of something positive in that I was to sleep in my cousin’s room. I’d been told she usually came home on Saturdays so there was the thought she might still keep some clothes there. When I got the chance a peek into her dresser it was disappointing… the only panties were peach colored cotton ones that looked like they might go halfway to her knees. Free of my relatives I was finally able to think about what I’d experienced during the day. My focus was, naturally, on Bitsy.

Lying there in the darkness there was one thing that didn’t seem right. Bull had told me he was married for his senior year and also told me that his first child was born right after graduation. For him, that would have been eight years ago. My problem was that Bitsy, to me, looked like she was in her early 20’s. I did the math and figured that if she’d been 18 when she married that would make her 26 years old. No expert on judging age, I just couldn’t believe she was more than 20 or 21. Another thing that was puzzling was her panties. I’d noted when inspecting them that she’d brought four pair for just two days… and two were cotton and two were nylon. I fell asleep wondering if I’d ever see her again.

I'm going to break from tradition here... Normally, I'll let a 'thread' die to be picked up again, further on. In this case I'm going to close it out.

About ten years ago, Elle and I, both retired, decided to go on a week long trip on a small cruise ship (about 20 cabins) to visit the islands of New England. There were two employees of the tour company assigned to the boat. On one of the stops I ended up chatting with one of them... a middle aged female. Somehow, we ended up talking about colleges and I mentioned mine. Her immediate response was to say her father went there as well. When I asked what year he graduated she answered 1960. I told her my year was 1959 and asked what his name was. When she told me I almost shouted "BULL!". The look on her face was priceless. "I haven't heard him called that in at least thirty years. He was my father!"

She told me he'd died a few years back. I told her about my being a banker like her father and that we'd met up at a few conferences and how, at one, I'd met her mother. Hearing that her demeanor changed. "My mother never went to a bank conference with him!" I proceeded to tell her about how I'd met the woman I thought was her mother and been told her name was "Bitsy". That brought forth laughter and she then told me that she was "Bitsy". She'd been given the nickname "Itsy Bitsy" because she'd been born premature, weighing only 3 1/2 pounds. It got shortened to just "Bitsy" when she started to talk.

That had me really puzzled... but for only a few seconds as she, almost laughing, explained that the woman I'd met had been his secretary. She went on to tell me that Bull eventually divorced her mother and married her. She was, for a while, her stepmother. After the divorce her mother had gained custody of both her and her brother and she had very little to do with her father until she was about 20 and after he'd divorced the woman I'd thought was "Bitsy". I asked if she had any idea why Bull had introduced her to me with that name. I remember her looking at me smiling but with a somewhat questioning look. "We never knew what he was thinking or doing."

I got home just after midday. When I pulled my car up to the garage I saw Mo and Barbara from next door playing with my girls. But, there were two other older girls there as well. It took a few seconds for me to remember that their German cousins were coming to spend a month or so. I sat behind the wheel watching them as they stood and observed the others doing a mix of tumbling and cheering. Both the girls were blonde with hair to their shoulders. They were both taller than Barbara and Mo and were a little on the ‘chunky’, but not fat, side. I wondered if they knew any English at all.

As soon as I stepped out of the car my three girls came running over. They were all excited… not to see me but to introduce me to their new friends, Herta and Helga. I walked over to where they were standing and, if there was one thing that stood out about them it was their breasts. I just remember they were wearing long sleeve blouses and the cleavage was impressive. I also remember hearing something like “Jaa” when I asked if they were having fun.

To be continued...