Wednesday, November 22, 2017

MORE SUMMER HEAT... so much of it (Part 162aa)

MORE SUMMER HEAT… lots of it (Part 162aa)

If there was one thing for sure it was that I needed a shower when I got home. Even though it was after 7pm the temperature was still in the high 80’s. Afterwards, I put on a pair of boxer shorts and went out on the screened in porch hoping to catch a little breeze. Elle was there and after a little persuasion I got her to take off her shorts. There was a two fold purpose… one, I loved seeing her in just panties and two, I wanted to know which ones she’d selected. She made her disrobing into a show trying to be sultry. With the kids in the back yard that wasn't difficult. When she finally turned around so I could see her rear I recognized one pair as being made by my old sailing friends first lingerie company, Evette. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d even seen a pair of them. I was at a loss as to who made the pair she had on top. However, there were probably 40 pair of nylon panties in that drawer and since Elle and been wearing mostly ‘dribble panties’ many of them had gone unworn for a long, long time. Now, with moving them, most were completely discombobulated I thought Elle had just grabbed a couple to put on. I was happy that she’d put on two, regardless of who made them.

Sitting there for that moment I was taken at how well she filled them both out. On the spur of the moment I asked if I could get a picture… of just her rear. I remember her laughing telling me that was her ‘line’. She looked out to where the kids were playing by the playhouse and made a decision to let me do it. But, with dusk approaching the light on the porch wasn’t all that good and I definitely didn’t want to use a flash bulb so asked if she would step outside. I knew that would bring forth a protest but was ready to counter it. I told her that I’d have the camera ready to go and all she had to do was take four or five steps, bend over and it’d be done. She tried to counter by pointing to the house next door but I reminded her that it had been empty all month. I got a look of resignation but she told me I had two minutes to get the camera and to get it ready. I probably did it in one.
Because of the heat both inside and out we let the kids stay up way late. When Elle and I headed for bed I heard the old excuse, “I’m exhausted” and knew my earlier plans were never to be.  All in all it had been a good day. Elle winning her first race was certainly a milestone. I remember lying in bed thinking that I may have unleashed a ‘monster’ when she started talking about racing against the men. After she turned out the light I brought up the subject of her being so daring in walking around in wet shorts. It probably would’ve been better if I’d done it so I could’ve seen the expression on her face. After a few seconds of silence I heard her say that I was probably right when I continued to tell her that most people were too busy doing their own thing to pay attention to something like that. Hearing that I wanted to jump up and shout “Hooray!”. I’d been trying to tell her that for almost 15 years. I reaffirmed it there in the darkness and added something else… that I fully understood her embarrassment of actually having an “accident” out in public. But, if no one saw it happening and she was still out in public the chances of them seeing the wetness was slim… and even if they did, “accidents happen”… to a lot of people. After she’d fallen asleep I lay there thinking of how much braver she was now that she knew other women who had their own problems. Ginger and Sandy immediately came to mind. I was thinking that it had been quite some time since I’d seen Sandy or her husband and wondered why.

Monday was the day J J was to interview people for Joanie’s position. I was pleased to find out that the girl I'd liked who'd worked the new account campaign was among them. He’d not had any contact with Bret or I since Hobie had given him the word that Joanie would be moving down to our area. I didn't know anything about the other two girls as Trish had taken their applications. I was anxious to get Joanie started but was fearful J J would defer making a choice just to be difficult. Bret and I were giving Trish as much opportunity to assume her new responsibilities as possible and she was responding well. I’ll admit that I had a personal reason for wanting Joanie there… I wanted to take a day or two off but with Hobie now located off the platform it left just Bret and I didn’t think it fair to him. But, all I could do was hope that J J would make a quick selection.

I knew my broker, Stan, was back from vacation and I wanted to talk with him about making a choice of a company to invest the proceeds (less the profit) from my recent sale of stock. I checked with his assistant, Lynda, to find out when he was going to lunch. She was always fun to talk with both on the phone as well as in person. Seeing her in person, though, offered the potential of an upskirt peek and I was certainly thinking of that when I hung up the phone. Most every company I’d owned stock in manufactured something so, based on knowing a product and the viability of it I could make some sort of knowledgeable decision. Of the companies that Stan had given me some information on, one didn’t produce anything and yet it intrigued me. It provided engineering services for major projects including the interstate highway system that was still being constructed. After talking with him I felt a little more comfortable about it and told him to buy 100 shares, thus investing the same amount of money I’d originally invested in the stock that had done so well for me. He was on the phone so gave the purchase order to Lynda. I was watching as she swung her chair around to be able to reach the order form and I was rewarded immediately, not in the form of a stock or monetary dividend, but a very, very nice panty peek. She’d spread her legs as far as her skirt would allow which resulted in about a 1 1/2 inch view of her white pantied crotch… for at least five seconds. In some cases that doesn’t sound like a lot but in panty peeks it’s almost an eternity.

Lynda didn’t pay any attention to me just standing there as she reached for the piece of paper but when she had it in her hand she looked up at me and I was caught, not ‘red handed’, but red faced. I’ve indicated in prior posts that Lynda was a little different than most females in that she seemed to enjoy putting males, like me, in uncomfortable positions. As she swiveled her chair back to her desk she looked at me and gave me one of those ‘knowing smiles’. I thought it was over at that point but, once settled in back at her desk she looked over at me and very coyly asked if I’d seen anything interesting lately. It could’ve been construed as an ambiguous question but the look on her face told a different story. I know I didn’t answer. I did wait around for about five minutes until I heard her call to Stan that the trade had gone though. I waved a hand of acknowledgement to Stan and headed out the door. I remember standing in the street perspiring and thinking how hot it was. It wasn’t until I was on my way back to the bank that I realized that the perspiration wasn’t from the temperature of the air but from watching Lynda.

To be continued…

Monday, November 20, 2017

MORE SUMMER HEAT... lots of it (Part 162z)

MORE SUMMER HEAT… lots of it (Part 162z)

That, to me, was a telling moment. In a small way it told me she wasn’t going to let her ‘condition’ dictate what she was and wasn’t going to do. I finished taking the sails down on her boat while she got congratulations from the other women as they reached shore . I continued to keep my eyes on her and the other women. I didn’t see even one of them show any indication that they were aware of her wetness. Because the women were the last to finish their race many of the men, and some of the women who weren’t racing, had already left the area so it wasn’t like she was on a stage or anything. I wanted to comment on her brazenness  but waited until we were on our way home. I wasn’t really sure it was a good idea but went ahead anyway.

We were almost to the village when I brought it up. I had to keep my eyes on the road but also wanted to get an idea of the look on her face when I did. I think I might’ve been holding my breath a bit when I asked her if she knew that she was wet when she came ashore. I was unable to see her face when she answered with something like “So what else is new?” It wasn’t in a mean or negative tone which was a good sign to me. I then asked why she didn’t just squat down in the water when she got to shore. I was looking right at her when she answered and she had an ‘I don’t know’ look and admitted she was too excited about her win to think about that. With that I felt it was time to change the subject.

I spent the rest of the trip home (about 7 or 8 minutes) engaging her in conversation about what she had done to win the race. I wish I could say she gave me some enlightening news but basically told me she just “sailed hard.” The kids were with her mother and she wanted me to go get them immediately so she’d have time to get changed and to start supper. I started to protest, wanting to take advantage of her already wet bottom, but she gave me a flat out “No!”.  I would have loved to have been home when she showered and dressed… but, on the other hand, she’d been really nice to me since we’d bought the furniture so couldn’t really complain. I just had to wait until I got back to see what she’d picked out to wear for both panties and clothes.

On my way to get the kids I started to think of what we (Elle and I) could/would do after the kids were in bed. Arriving home I found all my idea were out the window. There was a station wagon parked in the driveway. It looked somewhat familiar and when I got to the house I saw it was Dick and Raa, his wife. I immediately knew why they were there… to look at the furniture I’d spoken to Dick about the previous night on the way to the racetrack. The only thing was that I hadn’t told Elle about it. Walking into the kitchen I didn’t see any of them but could hear voices coming from the stairs. At the top I couldn’t believe my eyes because there was Elle, still in her wet, stained shorts and talking with them. However, at that moment they were looking at the big dresser and not at Elle. I looked at Elle and all she’d give me was one of those ‘what could I do?’ looks. When Dick finished measuring the items he told Raa they’d fit. She, turning towards me, asked how much I wanted for them. Elle and I’d not even discussed what to do with the stuff let alone put a price on it. All I knew was that we wanted it gone so threw out a price of $30. Dick didn’t even bat an eye and reached for his wallet and as he started to hand it to me Elle stepped up and took it from him with a big smile on her face. Raa asked if it was possible to pick them up a little later on. It was almost 6pm by then and we hadn’t eaten. Seeing Elle still dressed as she was I knew she’d not had a chance to even think about fixing supper. I asked why they wanted it right away and Dick said his brother was coming over around 7:30pm or so and would be able to help getting the stuff down our stairs and then, up their stairs. I looked at Elle and she just shrugged her shoulders.

As for eating I suggested calling in a pizza order. That way there would be no real clean up for Elle to have to handle and the kids, who very seldom saw pizza, would be excited. To be ready for Dick and his brother Elle had to get all our things out of the drawers while I went for the pizza. I followed Dick and Raa down the driveway and headed East to the Traveler’s Rest, the local pizza place. On my way I realized that when Elle went to clean out her panty drawer she’d have a real idea of just how many she had and I wasn’t sure that was good idea… but it was too late by then.

When I got home I asked what Elle had done with all our clothes and she said they were stacked in Kaye’s room. I did note that she was still in the same stained shorts and couldn’t figure out why. As the girls were seating themselves at the table I made a dash upstairs to take a look at everything but especially her panties. They were stacked pretty much the way they’d been in the drawer but I noticed a couple that seemed to be carefully laid out across the top of a couple of the piles. To me, that was very strange.

When I saw Dick’s farm truck backing up to the garage I looked at Elle, still dressed the same, and suggested she might want to change. She, sheepishly, acknowledged and headed for the stairs. Dick’s brother suggested that we remove the drawers first which would not only make the items lighter but would give us more to grasp as we made our way down the stairs. Elle had just finished dressing as we headed up to start the project. My first thought upon seeing her was to wonder if she’d chosen to put on the panties I’d seen earlier and a quick peek into Kaye’s room pretty much gave me an answer. The whole process to get the furniture out to the truck took a little over a half hour. I was glad I’d not showered before hand as I was wringing wet with perspiration. Then, it was over to Dick’s house. I’d never been in it and was impressed with the woodwork inside. Built around the turn of the century I couldn’t imagine the cost of trying to replicate it (and that was back in 1968!). Even though it had only taken three of us to get the things down our stairs, four people were required to get it up theirs.

Like Elle, Raa had removed all the clothes from the two small dressers they had been using. The only thing was that she’d put some of her things on the bed. Dick and his brother were able to wrestle their dressers down the stairs without help. Raa had gone down ahead of them to open the front door for them leaving me alone in the bedroom… with a pile of lingerie on the end of the bed. I’m sure I could’ve scarfed at least one pair of Raa’s panties (all bikini’s) without her knowing but I was ‘chicken’. My guess would be that there were probably a dozen or so on the bed and I figured with my luck I’d pick her favorite ones. So far, I’d been lucky with the last two pair I’d taken over at Ed and Ellen's and didn’t want to push it. I did get to peek at the label of a couple and I remember one read Vanity Fair, size 7. Raa was thin and the size puzzled me, but there wasn’t time to think about that before they were ready to ‘horse’ my old furniture up the stairs.

To be continued…

Saturday, November 18, 2017

MORE SUMMER HEAT... lots of it (Part 162y)

MORE SUMMER HEAT… lots of it (Part 162y)

It didn’t take any imagination, especially for me, to know what I was looking at. On the box spring were two pair of band leg cotton panties and a sanitary pad. On the floor was a pair of plastic panties and another sanitary pad. They were what Barbara wore to bed, at least up until the last night she stayed with us. I couldn’t imagine why they’d been stowed under the mattress or why she’d not taken them with her. I picked them all up and thought about what to do with them. It didn’t take long for me to come up with an idea… save them for memory’s sake. The linen closet was in the hallway and Elle kept empty shoe boxes in there never knowing when she’d need one to store something away. I found a small one from a pair of the kids shoes and proceeded to fold the items up and put them in. There was no way to get it up the stairs to the attic even though it was right there as Elle was calling asking if I needed help with the mattress. What was also right there was the little cedar closet that I’d used to hide my ’stash’ right after we’d moved in so that’s where the box went. I got the mattress down the stairs and, along with the other one, loaded onto the roof of the station wagon and took off for the landfill. The whole way there I tried, unsuccessfully, to come up with an idea why Barbara had hidden the items away. I was at a total loss for even a hint for an idea.
It was on my mind, on and off, the rest of the morning as I mowed both the church lawn and our own. It wasn’t until Cliffy showed up with the race car that afternoon before I dropped it. Sometimes Alan and Buster would ride together but on this afternoon he and Dick were in the cab of the hauler. I got right to the point and asked if he might be interested in the furniture we were replacing. He wasn’t but Dick picked up on it right away agreeing to come take a look at it the next day. My focus was to just get rid of it, not make money on it. With that out of the way we got into ‘racing talk’ and, unlike the last time we raced, there was no expectation of a good finish. Having finished second we’d won enough money to be faced with a starting position more to the rear than the front. It was almost like a self fulfilling prophesy and we ended top finishing in the middle of the pack. The only good thing was that damage to the car was more cosmetic than anything else. My friend Jay, from the County data processing department was there with a friend of his. He was introduced to Cliffy and the two of them got into a deep conversation while Jay and I chatted about the race that had just finished. On the way home Cliffy told us we might be in line for some sponsorship money… but no guarantee.

At the sailing club on Sunday I was happy to see the guy and his wife that I’d sort of met the week before when helping Rex rescue the Sunfish that had been washed from their storage racks. They were standing next to a white Comet class sailboat on a trailer. I walked up to them and he introduced himself as Martin, or Marty, and his wife as Janie. I didn’t recognize her at all even though I’d been right up next to her when pushing that Sunfish up the stairs of the club. Her hair was neatly coiffed and she had on some make-up. I was sizing her up as the introductions continued and felt she would offer a definite possibility for at least some DP’s and VPL’s. What also interested me was the sailboat. I’d raced a Comet for over ten years and had sold it so I could introduce my kids to sailing in a boat small enough for them to handle. I still liked the class and hoped that some day I could get back to racing one again. I’d always been a ’numbers guy’ and as each boat had a registration number carved into the centerboard trunk I made a point of checking them out. When I saw the number 2903 I started laughing. Of course Marty had no idea why. My answer was but one word… “Spider”. That thoroughly confused him.
An aside….

Back when I first got involved at the sailing club I was 11 years old. The club didn’t have a formal junior program with formal sailing lessons at that time. The ‘senior’ sailors would volunteer their time and would take kids like me out sailing with them to get them exposed. One of the sailors who did had a last name of Webb and his boat was named “Spider”. I got to sail in it over a two year period. The registration number was 2903. That had been 20 years ago and here the boat had returned to it’s original venue. I had to ask how Marty came to get the boat. That brought out a laugh from him. He was living in the next county to the West but to go sailing he had to go to a waterfront town with a harbor. After a storm with high tides like we’d just experienced he saw a partially sunk boat ensnared on a marshy island. After seeing it for a few weeks he made his way out to the boat and realizing that it wasn’t too severely damaged got some people to help him salvage it. The Comet Class tried to keep track of all the owners and Marty got in touch with the class office only to find the name and address for it had not responded to mailings in over ten years. Marty then posted notices of the found boat and when he got no response decided to take and restore it and I was looking at the finished product.

What makes the story so ironic is that, in further conversation, Marty and his wife had just made an offer on a house just a mile away from the club in a waterfront Summer community called SaltAire… which is where the guy who had first owned the boat had lived. Marty and Janie didn’t buy the same house but it turned out to be but three away from it.

The day was to be the ‘maiden voyage’ of the restored boat. After talking with him and helping him to step the mast I was wishing it was me who would be sailing it. But, Janie was his crew. When the boat was launched I had pangs of envy. Janie, like most everyone else who was racing, was wearing shorts but I couldn’t tell if she had a bathing suit on under them. The way they were scheduling the races at that time the Comet’s went first and, if enough wind, they sailed another race following it. Those who were racing Sunfish, like me, had to wait until the Comets’s got their second start. That usually meant the Comets would be finished and put away before we hit the shore. That also meant there was no chance to see Janie at the end of the races.

Elle was also racing and she was finally starting to show confidence in her abilities. This day was the first time the women got their own start. Enough men had complained that the women were interfering with them and today was it. I didn’t see the finish but because she was so excited when she got to shore I was sure she’d won. I’m laughing as I type this because when she stepped off the boat I could see that she was wet and not from sea water… and she didn’t care. I was going to tell her to go take a dip into the water but after I gave her a congratulatory hug she darted off to talk with one of the other women. I stood there watching her still bouncing up and down from excitement and ignoring the fact she was ‘advertising’ to all around her that she’d pee’d her pants.

To be continued...

Thursday, November 16, 2017

MORE SUMMER HEAT... lots of it (Part 162x)

MORE SUMMER HEAT… lots of it (part 162x)

On the way to our vehicles Elle stopped to say she wasn’t all that comfortable going to a restaurant wearing her damp panties. I told her she’d be fine, that no one would know. She brought up the subject of smell and I was ready for it. This was still back in the days when you could smoke anywhere and the little restaurant where we were headed was no different. A little persuasion and she continued on to our station wagon which as parked next to my car. Again, she stopped. She raised the specter of the wetness of her damp panties getting into her slacks. To me that wasn’t a problem. I told her to just pull the slacks down as she stepped in. That brought forth one of her typical ‘looks’ but I was undeterred. I opened the drivers door and then the back door behind it. It made like a little box where no one could see her/us. I remember her taking a deep breath as she pulled the white slacks down to just below her panties. Just as she was sliding into the seat I got my hand on her backside and the panties really weren’t all that wet. I told she’d be OK and, more or less, guaranteed that no one would be the wiser. Without a word she pulled the door shut and started the engine.

She pulled out of the parking lot first and I followed behind her. It wasn’t until I could see the restaurant up ahead that it came to me that she might just drive on by. I held my breath until I saw her make the turn into the lot. I was lucky enough to be able to park next to her and we reversed what we’d done earlier with Elle stepping out and then pulling her slacks up. What should’ve been an exciting time for me was more of an ordeal what with having to keep Elle on track. Cliff, the owner of the place was bartending when we walked in. He didn’t take reservations which made people who were waiting for tables spend time at the bar which was the real source of profit. You had to sign in and then wait until a table became available. With only two of us I knew we’d have a bit of a wait. I went over to chat with Cliff and told him I was a partner in a NASCAR modified and all I got for that was “You’re an idiot!” Along with a big smile. No sooner had I uttered that information to Cliff when I felt a hand on my shoulder. Looking behind me I saw Davo, the 6’6” guy I’d played basketball with for a while during the Winter. He was also a big racing fan and I’d see him and his girlfriend Leigh after the races each Saturday night and occasionally at the garage where we worked on the car. I asked where she was and he pointed towards the rest rooms. Before she returned he asked if Elle and I wanted to join them. He said we’d get a table for four much quicker than for a two. I liked both Davo and Leigh so said sure. Elle knew them both from high school even though the were in the grades behind her. Leigh’s mother was the school nurse and Elle was friendly with her. I thought it would make for a nice evening.

I’ve mentioned in prior posts that Davo could consume volumes of just about any type of alcoholic drink and not show it. Leigh, on the other hand was always being kidded as a two beer drunk. When she finally appeared it was obvious as soon as she opened her mouth. There’s a trite saying… “put you mind in gear before putting your mouth in motion”. All I’m going to say is the we were entertained by Leigh’s efforts to try and carry on a conversation. In the back of my mind was the last time I’d seen her at the garage when she’d wet herself. The circumstances were certainly different on this evening with a rest room readily available as opposed to the situation at the garage where the restroom was located in a locked office. But… that’s where my mind was. Since steak was the specialty of the house we all had the same. Davo kept polishing off one highball after another while Leigh nursed a couple of them along. I noticed that neither of them ate much. Nothing happened with Leigh and when Elle and I finished up Davo said that they were staying for a “nightcap”. As I pushed away from the table I looked at Leigh and she could hardly hold her head up. I was wondering if she could even stand up by then. Davo said they’d see me at the races the next night. I couldn’t help but wonder what kind of shape Leigh would be in by then.

It was still light out when were on our way out. Elle stopped and I asked why. She said she should use the ladies room since it had been about three hours since her ‘accident’ in the bank lobby. I remember holding her arm to keep her from going back inside and pleading her not to. It was only about ten to twelve minutes until we’d be home. She made a face but she started toward the station wagon. With no kids at home I couldn’t wait until we got there. She, like earlier, led the way. She pulled the wagon into the garage and I waited for her outside… but she didn’t come. By then it was dark so when I walked inside I really couldn’t see much more that a white pantsed form headed towards me. I don’t remember either of us saying anything  as we walked up the path. As I unlocked the door and opened the door I asked if she was OK and turned to look at her. She was pointing to her crotch. All the way home I was thinking of different ways we could have some ‘wet fun’ and there it was. I hadn’t partaken of it but seeing the resigned look on her face gave me, for the first time that afternoon and night, a full blown hard-on. I immediately wanted a picture so I’d have a reminder of the day as a whole. Reluctantly, she agreed but it was to be without her face. What could I do but to agree.
Even thought it was still too early for sleep we did head up the stairs… and made good use of both her wet panties and the lack of kids to interrupt our fun. We didn’t fall asleep this time. After we’d finished and cleaned up Elle wanted to wash out both the shorts she’d wet earlier and her new slacks. After she did that we spent the rest of the evening in just our underwear. What’s funny in writing about it is that I remember we never thought to pull the curtains. It would’ve been a voyeurs delight to have watched us though the windows of the den. Elle was still worked up about the new bedroom furniture so we came up with a plan on what to do with the things we had. Alan, from the race car crew, had just bought his first house and might be interested in it. I’d be with him at the races and could possibly find a ‘home’ for them right away. Since I had to go to the landfill (dump) the next morning I told her I’d take the mattresses from the spare beds in Jean and Anne’s rooms. That way, when the new ones came they could just put them in place.

After getting up Elle stripped the bedding off the two spare beds so all I’d have to do was drag the old mattresses down the stairs. I did the one from Jean’s room first as it was the easier of the two. I didn’t want Elle’s help until I got it down the stairs afraid she might get hurt. It was a cheap, thin one and quite light so was easy to move. I think it had been left behind by the previous owners. After getting down and into the yard I went back for the other one. I slid the mattress off the box spring and saw some things lying on it. After dragging it out to the hall I went back to see what they were. I ended up calling them “The ghosts of Barbara”.

To be continued…

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

MORE SUMMER HEAT... so much of it (Part 162w)

MORE SUMMER HEAT… lots of it (Part162w)

Even with the addition of the two mattresses the total cost was less than the figure I had in mind. I’d deposited $2,500 of the profit from the sale of the stock into our checking account so I could pay for our purchases right then and there. The next phase was picking a delivery date and deciding what to do with the furniture we’d be replacing. Elle decided on Tuesday for delivery which gave me some time to get things organized before it all came. Flush with excitement, we then headed back to Main St which was no more than 200 feet away. At the corner I took a look at the time and temperature sign on the bank building and saw it was now after 5pm. In my mind I’d been mulling the thought of looking for a pair of white slacks like the ones Ellen had been wearing that night we visited. The thing holding me back was that Elle already had a couple of pairs of white pants. I was just about to suggest we take a walk down the street to the store that sold only clothes for females when Elle asked if we could look for a ‘fancy dress’ for our upcoming trip to Bermuda. Even though I knew it would cost me I said it was OK and we headed in that direction. I didn’t like the manager of the store but there was little doubt that the goods they sold were quality and the prices were reasonable. So… we headed in that direction.

Not having shopped for dresses it was a new experience for me. Since she had an idea of what she was looking for I told her I was going to look around while she went though the process. Even though it was July and technically early Summer, I discovered the store was having a sale on many of their Spring/Summer goods. It wasn’t hard to find the Summer weight slacks and I targeted the white ones. I didn’t really know much about the type I was looking for so flipped through the whole sale rack. Of the dozen or so in Elle’s size only three were white and I found one that seemed to be light weight and had the look of the pair Ellen had worn. The price tag told me to buy them even if they weren’t exactly the same. I took them to Elle and, as expected, was questioned as to why since she had two white pair already. My answer was but one word… “Price…” and showed her the ticket. She shrugged her shoulders but took them into the changing room to try them on. When she reappeared I knew I wanted them. I could see her panties through the material without her doing much bending at all. When she turned to go back into the changing room I could see she was wearing two pair of panties and knew she’d done it just for me… and I smiled as she disappeared into the room. (Incidentally, she did, finally, pick out a dress.)

The store was half way between the bank and the travel agency where I’d booked our Bermuda trip. The next payment wasn’t due until August 1st but since I had the checkbook and the account had money in it I told Elle we might as well keep going and pay it. Elle knew Gertrude, the owner, because one of her sons had been in her high school class. It was sort of a reunion as they reminisced a bit. She had more material for us on our arrangements which served to get us both excited as it was now just six weeks until we’d be on our way.

By the time we left the agency it was almost 6pm. Neither of us had discussed what we were going to do for supper and as we made our way back to the bank decided that on our way home we’d stop at the restaurant run by Cliff, the driver of my very first race car. On our way back Elle stopped to look in the window of a shoe store but, thankfully, it closed at 6pm. As she looked through the window I thought I saw her do a ‘dip’, slightly bending both knees and I knew what that meant. It wasn’t that far to the bank and when we reached the corner I asked if she had to go. That drew a pained look to her face. I know it was cruel to do it because I knew the power of suggestion was ‘deadly’ for Elle. From the corner the bank was right across the street. With the bank closed the only entry was from the rear door and from there to the restroom was the whole length of the building. I unlocked the door and Elle kind of shuffled into the lobby. I had had to relock it and when I turned I saw Elle in a semi squat some fifteen or so feet into the lobby. My immediate reaction was to stop her from peeing on the carpet and saw the waste basket right next to the check writing counter. I grabbed it and told her to sit on it. I’m trying to remember the look on her face when she heard that… but she did. After a bit she looked up at me and said something like “What now?”. (If only we had iPhones with a camera back in those days!)

For me there was one thing for sure… I had to empty the pee from the container before leaving. As for Elle, she stood up after a couple of minutes and I could clearly see the double crotch lines of her panties through the wet material of her shorts. The wetness hadn’t yet wicked up too far and I remember her reaching around and feeling her backside. She’d verbalized “What now?” and now the expression on her face repeated it. The only place to dump the container was in the rest room toilet so I told her to follow me. As we walked I came up with two choices for her with one being that she put on the new dress. As soon as she heard that she started shaking her head saying that she wasn’t going to “christen it” that way. Also in the bag were the new white slacks. But, before I made that suggestion I told her to take off the wet shorts and try using some paper towels to soak up the wetness in her crotch. I handed her a few and she just had a puzzled look on her face as she started wiping herself. I laughed because I knew that wasn’t going to accomplish anything so got some more towels and laid them out on the side chair at my desk and told her to sit down. The seat was vinyl so I knew the dampness wouldn’t hurt anything.

It took me a few minutes to wash out the trash container and when I finished I told her to stand up. The towels on the seat were now saturated so I got a few more and she repeated the process. While seated she finally asked what I was trying to accomplish. I pulled the white slacks out of the bag and held them up. She had a big, wrinkled frown when she saw them but before she could protest I told her it was the only way she was going to get out of the bank. Reluctantly, she stood up and I walked around behind her and patted her fanny. The panties were now only damp, somewhat like what you would find after clothes had been through the spin cycle of a washing machine. I think I told her I’d guarantee that the wetness would not show through the slacks. I held the pants for her as she stepped into them and told her not to pull them up tight. She still wasn’t fully ‘buying it' but I’d accomplished what I’d set out to do… keep her in her wet/damp panties. As we headed for the door I reminded her of all the things she’d gotten earlier and told her to cheer up. That got a smile out of her and as I watched her walk out the door ahead of me I was smiling too as I looked at her almost see through slacks. (BTW I finally remembered what the name of the material was/is… Pique)

To be continued...

Sunday, November 12, 2017

MORE SUMMER HEAT... lots of it (Part 162v)

MORE SUMMER HEAT… lots of it (Part 162v)

Ed had been an aerospace engineer who had worked on the lunar module until the company shifted all the work on it to Texas. That, to me, was a familiar theme for the company. When Elle and I moved into the mobile home park our next door neighbor who had written many of the operational manuals for it was suddenly transferred when he was approaching ten years of work service and would have to be vested as far as retirement was concerned. The company paid well but didn’t want to fund their retirement program and this was one way to avoid it. Ed, however, as an engineer was considered a professional and when he refused the transfer he was entitled to severance… and he took it. That, along with an inheritance, allowed him to buy the house and property… and it was a lot of property. Leaving the women to talk about kids and things they like to talk about Ed took me out back to show me what he’d bought.

The property was very deceiving with only about 75 feet of street frontage. The further back we got the wider it became. But, before we got past the barn I saw something that got my immediate attention off to the the East of it… a T pole clothes line just like I had in our backyard. Remembering the panties I’d taken from the barn I could imagine that they’d been hanging out there when the rain had started that day. I immediately got the thought that if I became good friends with Ed I might have an opportunity to see a line or two of panties sometime in the future. Of course we didn’t stop there but walked on and out to a pasture like field. If I were to guess it was about four acres. The South end of it actually bordered on the creek that the marina where “Big B’s” boat was kept. Ed was really excited as we walked out into the open space. I’d lived in the area for most of my life and had no idea that this property even existed. And that was what had caught Ed’s attention. From the middle of the field we could see the creek as it meandered to the bay. He had a vision to make it into a housing development with between 15 and 20 houses with deeded rights to access the creek. By the time we got back to the house I had an idea why he’d searched me out that stormy day. With me being a banker he was looking for future funding for his envisioned project. I wasn’t too happy about it but chose to not say anything negative. I had one ‘out’ for the future and that was I had nothing to do with any of the lending the bank did. That was J J’s bailiwick but I didn’t bring it up at that time. I was selfishly thinking of some opportunities for panty viewing in the future either on the clothes line or on Ellen’s person.

The kids were absolutely amazed seeing ice cream being made. Edna offered to make some more for the adults. I was curious as to just how it was done so Ellen told Edna to bring the churning bucket out on the porch. There wasn’t a table to put it on so Edna offered to do it on the floor. After getting all the components (if you’ve never done it… there’s a LOT to it) she got down on her hands and knees. I thought the highlight of the night was in seeing Ellen walk around in her white slacks but my view of Edna’s backside was almost as good. When she was putting the things on the floor I thought I saw a double VPL but she didn’t take much time so I couldn’t confirm it. I immediately remembered the night she’d been at our house and on that occasion I was sure she was wearing two panties. So, for the next few minutes my attention was on Edna and not the making of home made ice cream. As she settled in to turning the crank she was on her knees and leaning forward which pulled her top up and I got exactly what I’d hoped for… two separate waist elastics. The show lasted for about five minutes and my eyes spent most of that time on them. Running through my mind was why two pair. I knew it was an unanswerable question but I was hung up on it.

When I woke up on Friday morning Elle was already up and dressed. It was certainly obvious she was excited about what would happen that afternoon. She’d already confirmed that her mother would have the kids for overnight which was like a reprieve for me… and the possibility of a really fun evening if I played my cards right. For me, my priority at work was to get a chance to talk with Joanie along with Bret and Trish. I knew she didn’t have the total experience Trish had and wanted to make sure that we were all aware of the differences between what Trish was capable of doing and what Joanie would be able to do. I could dictate a letter to Trish and not have one word wrong. Joanie hadn’t taken dictation since she graduated. Trish could type around 60 words per minute. When I gave typing tests when I worked for the County I only had a handful of women who could type that many. My guess for Joanie was about half that and I wanted it recognized so as not to put unwanted pressure on her. When we were through I could see Joanie was more at ease. Trish volunteered to help her at every chance she got. Later, I warned her not to ‘hover’ and reminded her that when she started she had to do it on her own. That got a smile from her.

I’d made arrangements with Bret to take the Friday night duty and gave up my lunch hour to be able to take off at 4pm with Elle. I remember the looks she got from the tellers when she walked in to the lobby. Some had never seen her before and she looked great. I was surprised that she’d worn white shorts knowing her ‘problem’ but was actually proud of her. The furniture store was less than five minutes away and we headed right there. In the almost ten years we’d been married we’d actually only bought two pieces of furniture… a sofa bed and a dinette set. The two mobile homes we’d owned came furnished. The house came partially furnished and my parents filled in the ‘holes’ with some of their old things. So, walking in to a furniture showroom was something entirely new for Elle and I had to keep reminding her we were there only for a bedroom set. We both liked the same style so it didn’t become the ordeal I’d been warned about. We agreed that we didn’t need a headboard and used the money we saved to buy what’s called a wash stand to go with a ‘high boy’ dresser and a traditional long dresser with a mirror.

I hadn’t set a hard and fast dollar limit and when the ticket was written up I made the mistake of commenting that it wasn’t as much as I’d expected. Elle picked up on it. There was a stack of mattresses leaning against the back wall and Elle asked the salesperson about them. We were told they were old showroom floor models and were on sale for half price. All of the four mattresses in the girl’s rooms were either ‘hand me downs’ with an unknown background or were as old as we were. Elle had listed getting new ones on our ‘want/need’ list so… when she heard that she looked at me with this ‘look’ that said ‘please???” My first thought was ‘no way” but then I figured if I said ‘yes’ I’d buy myself some ‘favors’… and agreed to it. Her immediate reaction was to give me a big kiss… and got me to thinking just what I could parlay it into.

To be continued…

Friday, November 10, 2017

MORE SUMMER HEAT... lots of it (Part 162u)

MORE SUMMER HEAT… lots of it (Part 162u)

I can’t say I was holding my breath waiting to hear what she wanted to talk with me about… but I surely wasn’t comfortable. She asked where my wife was and that was a bit of relief. I didn’t really know and had to look around to find her. I saw she was with a few of the other ‘wannabe’ racers on the porch of the club. Some of the top skippers were talking with them so pointed her in that direction… breathing a sigh of relief as she turned to walk away. But, I took advantage of that to study her a little bit. Thin and not really pretty but with a bit of a figure, she was worth a closer look. I couldn’t see a VPL or anything interesting but she was certainly worth a second look. I watched as she walked up to Elle and wondered just what she wanted from her. I had to get back to rigging the boat so let the thought pass.

It wasn’t until the lessons were over and we were putting our Sunfish away that I was able to ask Elle what it was that the woman wanted. I breathed easier when she said we’d been invited to her house for dessert as a thank you for feeding her daughter Edna. Our whole family was invited and she and Elle had settled on the next evening. I couldn’t think of anything I had going on but was a little upset that Elle hadn’t asked me first. I didn’t say anything trying to preserve the ‘good will’ I’d established by agreeing to get the new furniture. I’d been so busy in putting our Sunfish away I hadn’t really focused on Elle and it wasn’t until we were back home that I realized that Elle’s shorts were wet. It wasn’t just her crotch area but they were wet almost to her waist. When I saw it I pretty much knew what had happened. When we left for the club it was around 6pm and it was now close to 9:30pm. She’d been out on the water for almost two hours and with the toilets inside the club still not working… well, that explained it. All I could so was smile… and wait until the girls were asleep. And, it turned out my good fortune was holding up as she was more than willing to provide for some wet play before the ‘main attraction’. However, this time we made sure she was prepared for sleeping when we finished.

In the morning Hobie’s car was in it’s parking place when I pulled in to mine… a rare occurrence. As soon as I walked in the door he was there and he proceeded to tell me of his meeting with J J. Not that I would’ve, but he told me not generate a conversation with him about Joanie’s move. He told me to provide J J with acceptable applications that morning and added that J J was told to begin interviewing right away as he’d only have Joanie for two more weeks. I know that in my mind I breathed a sigh of relief. By doing that Hobie had taken the burden off me as far as J J was concerned. But, in my mind I knew J J would know I had a part in it and wondered what would be in store. Hobie then called all the first floor employees together at the foot of the stairs and announced the promotion for Trish. I made a point of watching Lorie’s expression and got what I expected… a big smile. She threw a thumbs up in her direction as an added reaction.

I had Trish take the application file upstairs right after I saw J J walk across the lobby. I made sure she had the application of the girl I’d liked when she was working on the new account campaign right on top and asked her to remind J J of the fact that she’d worked there in the lobby in early July . My reason was that the girl was somewhat attractive and that was always something J J noticed. I made sure to ask Trish what J J’s reaction was and she just shrugged her shoulders. She did add that in general, he didn’t appear to be too happy. I was biting my tongue to keep from smiling. Next, I asked her to find an excuse to chat with Joanie sometime during the morning and to report back to me. I was almost 100% positive she’d be pleased as she’d told me months earlier her goal was to have a job that she could count on as being totally hers.

Reluctantly, I made a trip to the branch to make final arrangements in shutting down the gift campaign. I contacted Morris with the numbers of each gift that were remaining and because the staff had broken open a couple of cartons they couldn’t be returned. I had the numbers as reported by Betsy but I could tell there was some confusion when it came to what I wanted from them. Lobby traffic was slow so I figured two hours wouldn’t hurt. I waited until Bret and Trish were both back from lunch before leaving. Rita, the ‘odd man out’ as far as the branch tellers were concerned had been told that her last day would be August 2nd and I also wanted to have a one on one with her as well. My only concern was what would happen when I spoke with Jerry.

Call me a ‘chicken’ for my decision to avoid Jerry after arriving at the branch but I decided not to get myself all worked up. Things were going well at home, at the main office and at the stock brokerage and I wanted it to continue. I confirmed the numbers for returnable gifts and had a few private minutes with Rita. She, as expected, wanted to know “Why me?” The truth is always the easiest to tell and for her it was purely dollars. I told her that I would keep her in mind if anything changed. She just gave me a weak smile and then I left.

At home we ate supper and then told the girls we were going to visit Edna and her parents. The older two remembered her but weren’t really interested in going. We told them it was the polite thing to do and that we expected them to be nice and polite. Pulling up their driveway I was surprised at what I saw before me. It had been stormy the only time I’d been there and getting out of the rain had been a priority. Now, with the sun out I could grasp the enormity of the house and property. Ed came out to greet us and took us to the front door for our entrance into the house. Going inside was an experience in itself. High ceilings with what I called ‘gingerbread’ for crown mouldings. There was a lot of dark, carved wooden trim and a curved staircase. Very Victorian. I felt I was stepping back in time. I’d never been introduced to Ed’s wife and that was quickly remedied when she came down the stairs. Dressed up she was better looking than I’d thought. Her name was Ellen and, much to my delight, she was wearing a pair of white slacks.  There was nothing for me to see as she approached me but when she reached the bottom of the stairs and led us into the dining room I got what I could only have dreamed about. There’s a name for the material her pants were made of and for the life of me I can’t remember it but a VPL loving voyeur like me would make it mandatory for all white pants to be made out of it. In watching her stride into the room it was like she was wearing tissue paper. There definitely was a reason for my hand to be in my pocket. Edna, her daughter, joined us a few minutes later and immediately took command of our kids. Leading them into the kitchen to make home made ice cream I knew we wouldn’t have to worry about them and could concentrate on learning more about Ed and Ellen. After watching her for just a few minutes I was looking forward to it.

To be continued…