Wednesday, July 18, 2018

ANOTHER YEAR... More adventures (Part 168d)

ANOTHER YEAR… More adventures (Part 168d)

When I first walked into the bar I ordered a gin and tonic. It was the first hard liquor I’d had in a long, long time… and I needed it. Next was to ask the barkeep the directions to get there from the town square. I knew Elle could find that but getting her from there to the place was going to be tough. (No GPS back in those days!) I estimated that to get from our house to where I was would take at least an hour and then be an hour back. We were supposed to host the second stop of the progressive dinner and I was sure we couldn't make it. I didn’t answer Elle’s question of “Why?” But, quite sternly, told her I’d explain later but to call the host of the first stop to tell her there was a change in plans and we couldn’t do it. There was silence on the phone. Then I told her to get a pencil and to write down the directions and to get on the way. As soon as I gave them to her I heard the phone go “click”.

I ended up ordering another gin and tonic while waiting for her. Even though I ’nursed’ both of them I could feel the effects. I sat at a table by the door so I could see every car that drove up. It was after 8:30pm when she arrived and I went out and got right in the passenger seat. She never looked at me before putting the station wagon in gear. We made it to the downtown area before I heard “Well?” Followed by “It better be good!” With the time I had from when I made my call until she showed up I’d come up with my story. I guess you could say it was a ‘fabrication’. However, it was somewhat based on fact.

Basically, I just changed Lynda for her boss, Stan. All the stuff that went down with Lynda going back to when I’d walked in at the party right through until I got to her house remained the same. I told her I’d been asked by Michael to see that Stan got home safely and I got no response from her. I had no idea weather she believed any of it at all. When we got to the town where the bank was located I had her leave me off so I could get my car. That was the first time she’d spoken in almost a half hour. “Why didn’t you just drive him in your car?” It took a few seconds for me wonder the same thing as it would’ve made things a lot simpler. I remember telling her that as fast as the way things were happening that I never gave it a thought… and that WAS the truth!

It was almost 10pm by the time we both made it home. The third stop on  the progressive party called for us to be at Nanci and Fritz’s house at 10pm for the main course. Elle said she didn’t want to go as she was so embarrassed by not being able to host our part of the party but I decided to call them to see what they suggested. It was an emphatic “Comeonover!” But when I told Elle she wouldn’t join me. I wasn’t sure what exactly she used as an excuse for begging off of our part but, as upset as she was I didn’t dare ask. From our house to their house was but 10 minutes, at the most. I was one of the first to arrive which worked out perfectly because it gave me time to find out from Nanci what Elle had told her. Hearing that the excuse was that I’d had “car trouble” gave me a little room to maneuver, but not a whole lot. Nanci wanted to know why Elle hadn’t come and I said the situation with me and the car had given her a migraine headache. It probably had, but I didn’t know that as fact. I kept to the ‘script’ as the others arrived, apologizing for putting a crimp in the evening schedule. No one, outwardly, seemed to mind and it was obvious that most of the others were well ‘lubricated’ as there was a lot of laughter as we sat down to eat. I only had one difficult question to answer and it was to ask why I hadn’t just called for a wrecker. I ‘dodged’ it saying that on New Years Eve they were geared for ‘“real problems” and not something like mine.

The last stop was at Phyl and Bob’s house and that was for dessert and to watch the ball drop at Times Square. They lived right next door to Sandy and Johnny and Phyl had tried to get them to be a part of the whole affair but they’d turned it down. Bob put some pressure on Johnny to at least come over and be neighborly. It was nice to see both of them again. I really felt sorry about how things had turned out for them over the past half year. Sandy was self conscious because she was dressed pretty casually while the rest of us had, at least earlier, been close to semi formal. But, the women had surrounded her and kept her busy and it looked to me like she was enjoying being around her old friends again. Being the only female there in pants I found myself checking her rear, looking for a VPL but wasn’t successful.

As midnight approached everyone had a cup with champagne to toast in the New Year. We had ended up in the finished basement and I don’t know why but everyone stood up as the ball started the downward path. I’d been on a bar stool over in a corner as I was the only one there without a mate. Standing up I saw Sandy getting up from a foot stool and, wanting to get it out of her way, bent over to move it and I got to see a ‘smile’. I was more than familiar with 'smiles' as I’d seen Elle with them on more than one occasion. It occurred when wearing a pair of plastic panties over whatever else she was wearing… a ‘package’ or multiple ‘dribble panties’ and was wet. The liquid would come out a bit around the leg elastics of the plastic panties. For me, after the night I’d just experienced, it was a pleasant experience to see it. From the way Sandy acted she was totally unaware of the ‘gift’ she was giving to me.

I didn’t hang around for long after the cheers of “Happy New Year!” quieted down. I knew Elle would be asleep and as I entered the kitchen checked to see if she’d left me a ‘cryptic’ note. None was found but I still hesitated about going up the stairs. I remember taking a deep breath before starting and then tip toeing to the top. I undressed and just let my clothes drop to the floor before climbing into bed. As I did I found Elle had squeezed herself to the edge on her side. That was a clear message if there ever was one. I lay there reliving the whole evening, going over each and every part because I knew I’d go through a ‘grilling’ in the morning. I have no recollection of how long I was awake but remember that when Elle got up for a bathroom visit I was still wide awake. It was during this period in time that I started thinking about New Years day and what it would bring. Another one of our ‘traditions’ (there’s that word again!) was that Elle’s parents would serve as hosts for a fresh ham dinner for the whole family. Thanksgiving with my parents: Christmas at our house and New Years day at Elle’s parents. If Elle wasn’t speaking with me it would be very evident to both sets of parents… and that would be another problem to overcome. In one way I didn’t want morning to come but, in another, I wanted to get it over with.

To be continued…

Monday, July 16, 2018

ANOTHER YEAR... More adventures (Part 168c)

ANOTHER YEAR… More adventures (Part 168c)

I didn’t have a plan for what to do once we were in the house but with this surprise I was thrown for a loss. I got her moving and even though it was only about 15 to 20 feet to the still open door it was slow going. She almost fell twice and somehow I managed to keep her somewhat vertical. I got to the door and propped her up for a minute to get my breath. To do it I had to put one leg between her legs while holding her shoulders against the door jamb. I knew she was speaking but I have no memory of what she was saying. I was looking into the house and saw a leather couch. That became my first goal… get her to the couch. I got my arm around her waist and was holding her shoulder as we entered. Maybe two or three steps in she sort of lunged forward and was able to break free of my hold on her shoulder. I wasn’t expecting it and sort of watched as she made about three or four steps forward before falling. I was right there and was about to bend down to ask if she was OK when she started crawling. I yelled at her to stop but she kept on crawling… right into the bathroom. It didn’t take long to know why. She managed to get to the side of the tub and then she started puking. I don’t know what kept her up and her head inside the tub but I knew I had to keep her there. Kneeling beside her to make sure she stayed in that position I knew I was in deep, deep trouble and it wasn’t getting any better.

There were so many thoughts running through my mind almost simultaneously that I couldn’t focus on just one. How do I get home? Do I dare take her car? If I do how do I explain it and then get it back to her. But the more immediate problem was what to do with Lynda? Do I just get her onto her bed and leave her like that? Do I get her out of her stained and wet clothes? And there were more… When her dry heaves subsided I was able to get her attention for a minute and asked her what she wanted me to do. Still kneeling beside the tub she looked at me and said she wanted me to stay with her because she was “all mixed up…” Hearing that I wanted to run… really. I remember responding with a sharp “NO!” and then told her she had to get up.
I helped her to a standing position and she started for the bedroom. She smelled like a sewer with vomit all down the front of her blouse. She still had on her coat but that appeared to be unscathed. Once we made it to the bedroom she lunged for the bed, barely making it. Now it was hard decision time… do I just leave her like that or make an attempt to clean her up and to make her somewhat comfortable. I didn’t like either choice.

I made a stab at asking another few questions all having to do with her condition. I knew she was wet because I’d heard and seen the puddle between her legs. I knew there would be no harm in leaving her that way but with her skirt and slip wet there was a chance of staining the comforter covering the bed. I knew enough about fabrics to know that it was an expensive one. With her lying there sort of on her side and her coat still on it was somewhat protected. So, I asked if she wanted to get into bed. Her answer was unintelligible so I made the decision for her and rolled her over on her back. I peeled back the coat from her shoulders and unbuttoned her blouse. She asked what I was doing and told her I was getting her ready to go to sleep. I heard but one word… “Good…”. The next step was in asking where her night clothes were and she pointed to the back of the door. I grabbed what appeared to be a flannel pajama top with buttons down the front and, after extracting her from both her coat and blouse slipped her arms in and pulled it up and over her shoulders.

If you saw the movie Animal House (and I’m sure 99% of you did!) you’ll remember the scene where the group went on a “Road Trip” and Otter (Tim Matheson) is alone with a girl and is torn between having sex with her or not. There was a ‘Devil’ on one shoulder and an ‘angel’ on the other with each stating their position on the situation. Well, in this case, with Lynda, that never came up… even after seeing her in just her bra. However the next step was a little more difficult. I guess from my experience with Elle’s incontinence my mind was geared for ‘protection’ and I immediately thought of bath towels to put down on the sheet and pillow. With her barely able to stay sitting I made a dash for the bathroom and grabbed the towels I saw. I took the hand towels and put them on her pillow thinking she may still have more to come up. With that done I stood in front of her and grabbing her wrists, pulled her to a standing position. With one hand steadying her I pulled down the comforter and sheets and made an attempt to spread the bath towel where I pictured she’d by laying. Then I went for the button on the waist band of her skirt and miraculously, got it undone in one try. Still unsteady, she asked what I was doing. As I pulled it and her slip down calmly told her I was almost ready for her to lie down and to go to sleep. I’m laughing as I type this because I heard her mumble “Thank you” as I did. I told her to sit, turn and lie down and that was exactly what she did. That was the first time I actually saw her panties as the pajama top covered her to her hips. But, in the few seconds I had I couldn’t get a ‘handle’ on them. In fact, later on, I couldn’t even remember what color they were.

By then I was a ‘wreck’. I had to decide how I was getting home and as I walked out of her bedroom I knew I had but two choices… and I didn’t like either of them. I was at the front door, which was still open, and looking at the Corvette. It certainly was tempting. However, reason took hold as I imagined Lynda waking up later, totally confused as to the happenings of the evening, getting up, looking outside and seeing it gone. Then, there was the possibility of her calling the police and reporting it stolen. NOT what I wanted to be a part of. I went back to make sure the keys were on the kitchen table and then went out the front door. That meant my only way home was to call Elle.

Standing in the street I thought back to seeing a tavern and tried to remember just where it was located. I remembered it was on a corner where we made a right hand turn. So, down the street I walked. I went past two other streets and at the third I looked to my right and could see the glow of colored lights. I headed in that direction and soon came upon “THE bar”. The clock on the wall said it was a little after 7pm. I would’ve bet it was at least nine. I got change for the pay phone (remember them?) and tried to summon the courage to call Elle. I aborted two attempts before staying on the line to hear her voice. Her first words were to ask if I was OK followed by “Where are you?”. When I told her the town I was in prompted the inevitable question… “Why?”

To be continued…

Saturday, July 14, 2018

ANOTHER YEAR... More adventures (Part 168b)

ANOTHER YEAR… More adventures (Part 168b)

Getting into the car was a real shock. Even though it was obvious that the car sat low to the ground, I had the feeling I was sitting on the ground and from there I had no idea where the front of the car was. Lynda was babbling while I was trying to figure out where the button for the headlights was located as well as the ignition switch. It only took a few seconds to see it had a four speed manual transmission. That was definitely not a problem as I had one in my car. Not really ready to turn the key I remember looking over at Lynda and wondered how I got myself into this situation. I finally turned the key and I swear I could feel the power right though the seat as the engine fired off. It was impressive!

Even though I drove a four speed transmission car and was familiar with using the clutch pedal, when I went to release it to back out of the space the car occupied… I stalled it. It was almost like I’d never driven a ’stick’ before. I had success on the second try and slowly inched my way out of the spot. I was a bit intimidated by the fact that it was the most expensive car I’d ever driven. Pulling out into the street was ‘interesting’ because I had little more than the length of a car to do it. Cars parked on the street blocked my view and the fact of not knowing where the front of the car was made me hold my breath. I made it and to get to the road that would take me to where Lynda lived I had to go past the bank. That was when I remembered I had the passbook for the account Lynda had just opened. I looked over at her and she, thankfully, had passed out. I remember thinking it was just like with my youngest and sometimes having to take her for a car ride to get her to go to sleep.

There were two separate roads I had to traverse just to get to the town where Lynda lived. The first started right after crossing the bridge over the river. There was some limited commercial development and scattered homes over the first three miles. Then, it was five miles of nothing but scrub pine. It was on that stretch that I finally had time to think of how I was going to explain the whole thing to Elle. Then it hit me that I had no way to get home from Lynda’s… and it shocked me enough that I slammed on the brakes. That was a mistake! It woke Lynda up.

To start with, she had no idea where she was… or who I was. The only light came from the speedometer area and it had been turned way down. I hadn’t stopped the car completely and when I realized I’d woken her let the car coast off to the shoulder. I attempted to identify myself and opened the door which gave off enough light so she could see me and I could see her. I tried explaining why I was driving her car and she seemed to understand. It was then that I told her she’d have to give me directions to get to her house. That was funny! She couldn’t understand why I was going to her house. I shut the door and pulled back onto the road.

The second road I had to use was called the “by-pass” because it by-passed a village. As the area become more popular with Summer tourists, going through the village itself created traffic jams. Some of the people who spent Summers there were rich and influential and had managed to get a new road built to eliminate the bottle neck in the village. It was relatively new and the only ‘signs of life’ were a few random construction and heavy equipment businesses but not much else. Once on it I was worried for a bit that she might not recognize just where she was. I kept after her asking if she recognized anything but didn’t get much response. I finally reached the road that would take us into the village where Linda lived and as I made the turn she sort of ‘came to life’. However, it wasn’t what I wanted to hear at that time. “I got to pee! I got to pee! I got to pee!”. Weather you choose to believe me or not, hearing that did not arouse me… even a little bit.There were a number of reasons in trying to ignore her and not the least of which was that if I did stop and was able to get her out of the car, what would happen if a cop drove by and found the daughter-in law of one of the more prominent business people in town peeing on the side of the road. Another thought, not too far behind the first, was once out of the car would I be able to get her back in it. Sooooo…. I told her we were only minutes away from her house… and that bought silence for a few minutes.

I was soon back at her again almost pleading for directions. I’d reached Main Street and had no idea where to turn from there. We were stopped for maybe a minute when she finally mumbled for me to go left. From there on it wasn’t too bad as long as I went fairly slow. I can tell you this… I have always been pretty good remembering places I’ve been, especially if I’m driving… but I knew there was no way I’d ever find my way back to where she directed me to go. About the only thing that I saw as a reference point was a small tavern with a host of neon beer signs in the windows and a very unique name… “THE Bar”. The name of the street she lived on was “Bungalow Lane”. Being dark and with no street lights she missed her driveway. Actually, that wasn’t hard to do because, from the road you couldn’t see the house. There was a hedge about six or so feet high and just a narrow cut through it for the driveway. When I found it, and turned in, I made out what was one of the reasons for the name of the street… a small, white bungalow. The driveway led to a very small garage with an open door. But, there was also another part to the driveway that went right in front of the house. I chose that part.

Lynda was now somewhat alert and I now had the job of getting her out of the car and into the house. There were no lights on inside or outside. I got out and walked up to the door. With the headlights still on I was able to find the lock. The car keys were on a ring and I hoped the house key was among the other keys. While I fumbled through them I could hear Lynda calling out for me to help her. I also heard her calling out that she had to pee. It took a minute to get the door of the house open and another minute to find a lamp. Once on, I took a quick look around. It was truly a bungalow… a low ceiling with small rooms. It was very reminiscent of the houses where Elle and I grew up. I looked in a couple of doors and found a bedroom. That was my ‘target’ as I headed back outside. When I got there I found Lynda with her legs out of the car but unable to get herself out and upright. I didn’t know just how the walk to the house was going to go as I approached her.

I reached my hands out and told her to grab them and that I was going to pull her up to a standing position. As I did and got her vertical I eased her, still facing me, towards the back of the car hoping that would give her some support until I could get my arm under her arm and around her waist. As she did I again her heard her say “I have to pee!”. While slipping my arm behind and around her I thought I heard something and looked down… she was peeing right there. I couldn’t believe it… and, truthfully, wasn’t happy about it.

To be continued…

Thursday, July 12, 2018

ANOTHER YEAR... More adventures (Part 168a)

ANOTHER YEAR… More adventures (Part 168a)

Thinking that I ‘had it made’ as far as going to the party at Michael’s and still being able to get home at a reasonable time, I put on my coat and was about to head out the door. One of the last people I expected to see still in the building was Hobie and he was headed in my direction. My reaction was “What now?” but I kept it in. I was in a position to see the clock on the wall and it wasn’t quite 5pm when I took a glance at it. Hobie didn’t have his coat on and that should’ve been a hint. “Got a minute?” Was what I heard. Now, even if you didn’t, you wouldn’t tell your boss that… so I responded with “Sure!” and in a positive way. It seems that Jerry had taken all my personnel manipulations as a personal affront and had ‘unloaded’ on Hobie about it. Hobie wasn’t upset because I’d let him know, after the fact, and he’d approved the moves. What I hadn’t told him was that Jerry wasn’t a part of the discussion and he wanted to know why. As patiently as I could I explained that almost all of it had been done from my home while I was on a vacation day and trying to prepare for Christmas. I told him I weighed the ‘pros and cons’ of all of it trying to put the best interests of the bank and the customers first. With the ‘busy period’ staring me in the face I did not want to go into it shorthanded. The last part initiated his asking just why Woody had resigned. Still able to see the clock I saw it was now after 5pm. It took maybe ten minutes to go through the efforts that Lorie, Trish and I’d put into finding the reason(s). Finally, he stuck out his hand and wished me and my family a “Happy New Year”. Walking out the door I wondered just what all that had accomplished.

I chose to walk to Michael’s as the only parking was behind the place and not well lit. It was also a difficult place to exit from and I’d witnessed a few ‘fender benders’ at that location. By the time I reached there it was probably close to 5:30pm. Walking in, I looked for some familiar faces and only saw a couple of the newer employees at the brokerage office. I wondered where Stan, Bill, Ruthe and Lynda were since they were the ones supposedly hosting the affair. I saw Michael behind the bar and headed in his direction. Before I could say a word I heard him say “Thank God! Someone to help me!” As you can imagine I was at a loss for words or anything after a greeting like that. I made it up to the bar and he pointed me to the open end of it. Once there he said he had a major problem and started walking into the lounge part of the establishment. As I’d described in an earlier post, this was a fairly large room but also a dark room. He felt the dimness made it more like a “real lounge”. There was a mix of tables, mostly in the center with half booths rimming it. I followed him to a booth just inside the room and there, slumped in a booth, was Lynda.

It didn’t take a rocket scientist to see that she was drunk… and as soon as she saw me it was confirmed. I didn’t understand what she said to greet me but she made an attempt to get up. That wasn’t pretty! I asked Michael where the others from the office were and he said they’d left around 4pm. Concerned that they’d left Lynda in this state I asked why she was still there. He had a half-assed guilty look on his face when he told me they thought she’d left and said he’d made the mistake of confirming it. He went on that there'd been a lot of people coming and going all afternoon and he couldn’t keep up with everybody. He then said that she’d obviously come into the back area and possibly passed out. I asked if he knew what she’d been drinking and he said he didn’t know because she’d never come up to the bar. But this is where it got real ‘interesting’. He told me that someone had heard a voice coming from the back room demanding a drink and that’s how he found her. When he wouldn’t provide her with a drink she reached into her pocketbook and found her car keys and announced that if she wasn’t going to get served there she was going to find a place that would give her a drink. By then they were calling for Michael out at the bar. He looked at me and asked if I could "do something with her”.

At first I didn’t know what to say or do. I knew she was way too drunk to drive and I also knew the Corvette she used was owned by the Chevrolet dealership owned by her father-in law. If she wrecked that… well… But the thing was what to do with her in her present state. While Michael and I’d been talking (or trying to talk) she’d been babbling on. I knew she knew who I was so I decided I sit down and at least try to talk her out of the car keys. If you’ve been reading this over the past few months there was a strong suspicion that she ‘had her eyes on me’. I was too upset to pay any attention to the words she was mumbling at me and concentrated on trying to lure the car keys from her grasp. Time meant nothing in this situation and I have no idea how long it was before she made an offer to give them to me if I’d kiss her. I was sitting next to her and quite close because I’d made a couple of attempts to grab the keys from her hand. I know it’s hard to believe that in just such a situation I wasn’t tempted but I managed to hold her off. I finally got her attention by yelling her name at her. She stopped trying to talk and looked straight at me. Knowing I had but a few seconds I told her that if she gave me her keys I’d drive her home and she could get a drink there. The reaction? A blank stare. But, she let the keys slip from her hand and onto the floor. I was on them in a heartbeat.

I went back into the bar area dangling the keys from my hand. I heard Michael sort of exhale “Thank god!”. I asked if he knew where her car was. He told me it was probably out behind his place because he thought she’d come into the place from the back. A quick look out the back door and there it was… a 1968 white Corvette hardtop. It really struck me… that I was actually going to drive a Corvette. I’d never even sat in one even though I was considered a “motor head”. The thought of it was actually a bit daunting. However, the reality of the situation was that I had to get Lynda out to and then in the car. As I’ve written, she wasn’t exactly a small woman and, in her drunken state, she wasn’t going to be of any help. Lynda called out to me as I headed back into the bar area to get Michael or someone to help me. I didn’t stop, guessing that all she wanted was another drink. Micheal was very busy and hailed one of the people at the bar to come give me a hand. I thought I recognized him as a customer at the brokerage office.  Michael explained the situation to him and we headed to back to get Lynda.

The best description I can give of her is that we saw what had been a very pretty young woman who now looked like she’d been in a street fight. Her hair was disheveled and her blouse was half out of her skirt. She was slumped into the booth with one leg up on the seat and the other splayed out in front of her. The hem of her skirt was well above the knee of the leg sticking out into the room but not enough to get a peek. The guy was a bit shocked when he saw her. I told him where the car was parked and we proceeded to get her up with each of us holding her by grabbing her under her arms. I honestly don’t remember her protesting until we got her outside by the car and opened the passenger side door. It was then that she demanded her keys and started to try and twist out of our grip. Fortunately, she didn’t hurt herself as she sort of fell into the car. I, taking advantage of the opportunity, grabbed her legs and stuffed them inside the car and shut the door.
This is NOT Lynda's Corvette but it is exactly like it...

  To be continued...

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

FINISHING THE YEAR... Odds & ends (Part 167aa)

ENDING THE YEAR… Odds & ends 167aa)

Actually, my favorite day during Christmas was the day after. The ‘pressure’ was off and there was plenty of time to survey the ‘loot’ that everybody had collected the day before. Elle and I could play the new games the kids had received, with them, and just take it easy. It was a day of pajamas, nighties and bathrobes, although no panty pictures were allowed. Elle and I both loved turkey club sandwiches and there was plenty of turkey left over to satisfy our palate. However, lurking in the background for me was the follow up on all the changes I negotiated at the main office and the branch on Christmas Eve. I devoted the morning to Elle and the kids and right after lunch I dove into the bank situation. Hobie had been off that day so he was ‘in the dark’ and I’d made sure I let Bret, Trish and Lorie know not to say anything until I called Hobie. As I expected, he jumped to some conclusions before I had a chance to fully explain the situation. It was a long call but in the end I had the feeling that he’d support me if anything was made of it. By the time I was through talking to everybody (including Jerry, who made the most ’noise’) it was mid afternoon. In talking to both Rita and Mae I had the distinct impression that they were both looking forward to the opportunity. I sure hoped so.

Friday, as I fully expected, was a bit chaotic. To start with it was the first day of the busy period so the lobby was overflowing. Woody was still there and took over showing Mae the ‘ropes’ as far as how the somewhat antiquated drive-up equipment worked. The drive -up at the branch, with all new machinery, was much quicker and easier to operate. I made a point of checking with Lorie a number of times during the morning on her observations of Mae. I swear I didn’t ‘lead’ her at all and heard her say that Mae, in spite of only six months of experience in a very low volume office, was capable of handling the volume of a lobby teller window. However, it was my intention to leave her at the drive-up for the time being.

Because it was Woody’s last day, Liz, the auditor wanted to count her cash box before she went to lunch. She was within her rights as the auditor to do it but I felt it was like a slap in the face to her. She had an almost perfect record when it came to proving up each and every day and hadn’t done anything to make Liz suspicious. While Liz had Woody at her desk I went to Mae and asked if she was ready to handle the window on her own. I didn’t have any doubt as to what her response would be so I went back to where Woody was watching Liz do the cash count. I told her to come to my desk when Liz was finished. It took about five more minutes. I remember the look on Woody’s face… expressionless. After getting her seated I made one last attempt to find out what she’d chosen to leave but all I got was a shrug of her shoulders. When it was obvious that I wasn’t going to get a response I asked if she’d like to leave. Still, no verbal response but I did get an indication with her hands that it would be OK. I told her I’d get her last paycheck and then she’d be free to go. I really felt bad for not only her but, actually, the bank. After handing her the check she did say thank you and told me that as soon as she cashed it she’d pay me the money she owed me for the clothes Trish and I’d helped her with right after she started. I won’t say that I’d forgotten about it because in thinking about why she might’ve quit I kept going back to the situation with the panties. It took her a while because the lobby lines were long and she had it figured out, right to the penny. I asked where she was off to and she, again, went back to being silent. I stood up and thanked her for being a good employee and wished her luck. The thing I remember the most from that moment was there was no emotion in her face at all. It was hard to believe she was the same, bubbly, happy girl that I’d hired just a few months earlier.

Other than that, the day went well. No on line computer problems was a definite plus. By the time the last customer left, all the tellers had gotten to know Mae. I used Trish as my ‘ears’ and the comments were favorable. I’d called the branch and talked with Betsy a number of times. Rita had come in and picked up where she’d left off when she was laid off. Jerry, after getting over his ’snit’ about not being a part of the process to bring Rita back and moving Mae, quieted down and, to quote Betsy, “went back in his shell”. Hearing that, I felt most of the ‘drama’ that had popped up on Monday was now past and pretty much under control.

Monday was actually a busier day than Friday. I made sure to keep my eye on Mae and she seemed to have everything under control. I had a surprise show up at my desk in the person of Lynda. I’d made any number of attempts to get her to open an account with the bank but she always had an excuse. But here she was with a check for $1,000. I took note that the check came from her father-in law’s car dealership but didn’t say anything. She was in a hurry and said she couldn’t wait to get her passbook. She suggested that I bring it to the New year’s Eve party at Michael’s being held by the brokerage office the following afternoon. I’d sort of promised that I’d come but this would make sure that I’d show up. It reminded me that I hadn’t mentioned anything about the party to Elle and wasn’t looking forward to telling her. The “group”, which had been sort of resurrected when Elle and I held the party in which I’d been ‘blindsided’ by being recruited  to run for the school board, was holding a ‘progressive’ dinner party. That’s one where we would be visiting four separate homes for different courses. We were saddled with the hor’s d’oeuvres and the second stop. I wasn’t looking forward to it.

New Year’s Eve at the bank turned out to be relatively quiet. There was even time to grab a bite to eat for lunch. I’d asked Trish to bring me back a sandwich from the luncheonette across the street and took it to down to the break room. I had no idea who would be there and was pleased to find Mae, and alone. It gave me a chance to get her ‘read’ on the main office. She’d only been there two full days and part of a third and she already had a couple of suggestions that she felt would move things along.They weren’t things that could be done without some planning but they had merit. That impressed me.

Because it hadn’t been all that busy during the day it meant the general proof went smoothly and allowed me to let everybody go early… and allowed me to get over to the the brokerage New year’s Eve party at a reasonable time. I figured I’d stay for about a half hour and be home in plenty of time to make all aspects of the progressive dinner party… and keep Elle in a good mood.

To be continued...

Sunday, July 08, 2018

FINISHING THE YEAR... Odds & ends (Part 167z)

ENDING THE YEAR… Odds & ends (Part 167z)

As you can imagine, with three young children having to pause to watch their mother open a gift did not set well with them. So, we allowed them to continue to 'attack’ their presents with vim and vigor. This, by far, was their best Christmas with more presents being ‘fun’ things rather than clothes as had been the norm in the past. They didn’t escape that part though and the older two were approaching the age where clothes did make a difference. Once all their presents were opened we took a time out for breakfast. The Christmas dinner was planned for 3pm so it was imperative that they get a good breakfast to hold them over. They didn’t think so wanting to get back to inspect just what it was that they received. After eating it was back to opening presents only this time it was Elle’s and my turn. They, now totally involved with their things, gave short shrift to what Elle and I gave each other which gave me the opportunity to ask Elle to take off the new robe and to just be in her nightie. I’m sure I got one of her ‘looks’ but she did respond favorably to my request. The nightie, actually a Christmas present, was her ‘end of the bed’ present from Santa. It was my intention that she wear it during the gift openings thus giving me the opportunity to get a few candid ‘panty peeks’. Before heading down the stairs to light the tree I'd pulled out a pair of “fancy panties” from her drawer. I didn’t push my luck and ask for two which I’m sure enhanced my chances for not having to beg. Here are a few…

As you can see it was starting out to be a VERY merry Christmas!

With only three hours sleep we'd started to ‘run out of gas’ at about 10am. That was also about the time when my mother called to say my brother was bringing his girlfriend. (That’s a story in itself… but I’ll spare you.) Mixed in with the gift openings were a number of trips to the kitchen to get the turkey in the oven and to prepare the traditional accompaniments. Since we were hosting both sets of parents we had to uphold some of their family traditions when it came to them. My father wanted turnips and Elle’s mother wanted a dish she called “string bean goo”. It was all good but it meant a lot of work and the potential for a lot of food to be left over. With the news of an added guest I had to rearrange the dining table to accommodate eleven people… around a table designed to hold eight, at most. At least the kids were occupied with their things so weren’t in the way.

Elle’s parents and brother were the first to arrive and, initially, the kids were able to keep them occupied showing them their gifts. I’d managed to get showered so was also free to be with them. Elle’s father, working the long hours he did, seldom visited the house and I could show him some of the progressive things that were done when it was built in 1934. It was one of the early houses built with wall board. The only negative to that was they used way too much “mud’ on the seams which gave the walls a ‘wavy’ appearance.I was hoping my parents would be there soon after as my father and Elle’s father were good friends and could keep each other occupied. What I wasn’t looking forward to was my brother and his new girlfriend. The word awkward doesn’t even come close to describing that situation. In any case, Elle, now showered and dressed, was coming down the stairs when they arrived with my parents. Again, thank goodness for the kids. They were thrilled to be ‘front and center’ showing off the presents. Elle managed to have almost all of the dinner ready at the expected time and it was time for me to ‘shoehorn’ every body into the dining room.(37)
All but me...

A tradition is something that is hard to change. When the girls were much younger. and the majority of their presents consisted of clothes, Elle would have them ‘model’ their new things in a fashion show while the table was being cleared for dessert. Both my mother and Elle’s mother thought it was very cute… and it was when they were like four, five and six. But Jean was going to be ten in six months and Anne would be nine in nine months. They no longer thought much of the idea and resisted. It was the first sign of ‘friction’ the whole day. It was my mother who prevailed and convinced them to do it to ’”show off” in front of my brother’s girlfriend. She would be the  judge of who gave the best “performance”; who was the most “professional” and who wore the prettiest dress. To make it enticing, my mother offered prizes, none of which were revealed prior to the show. It bought the needed time to get the coffee made, the pies cut and the dessert plates distributed. The end result… as you probably imagined… they all won and the prize was a crisp new $1 bill from my father.

Dinner had started just after 3pm and by the time it ended it was close to 5pm. My father had a bad eye and hated driving at night so was in a rush to leave. Elle’s father was not used to family gatherings such as this and he was also anxious to leave. As you probably have already figured out, Elle and I were anxious for them to leave… although, if Elle’s mother had stayed she would’ve taken care a major part of the kitchen clean up. As the last of them walked out the door both Elle and I looked at each other and almost simultaneously said we needed a nap… and we were serious. We called the kids together and told them we were going to take a quick nap and we needed them to be very quiet. We we going to be right there in the den and living room and if they made noise to wake us we wouldn’t be very happy… and since it’s been a “happy day” they should try to keep it that way. Elle suggested that they each find a present that they could play with by themselves and they agreed. Elle went upstairs to change into a nightie so she’d be more comfortable. I, for sure, liked that idea and as she headed up the stairs made sure the camera still had film.

When she returned she didn’t have on the nightie I’d bought her for Christmas and asked why not. Again, I address the strange workings of the mind of females because she said she wanted to display it under the tree with her other gifts… and wore the nightie she’d worn to bed. By the time she returned the kids had picked different places on the floor to ‘do their thing’ and Elle proceeded to curl up on the living room sofa. Initially, I thought I’d get a great picture of her backside but she went into the fetal position facing into the room. So as not to be too ‘daring’ she draped a small throw over her hips effectively blocking any chance for a picture. I ended up in my recliner and it took but a few minutes for me to make it into ‘dreamland’.

It was the phone that woke both of us up. I looked at my watch and we’d gotten a little over a half hour of sleep. It was Elle’s mother calling to apologize for not staying to help Elle. It was nice of her to do it but I was still saddled with the job. After hanging the phone up Elle proceeded to check on just what the girls had been doing. I was still in the recliner when I saw her bending at the waist to look at Jean’s ‘project’ and it was a perfect butt shot… except I didn’t have the camera. I remember shaking my head for not being prepared. I got up to view just what the girls had been doing and as I walked into the room I got another chance. It was even better than the previous position as she was on her hands and knees. The camera was on an end table and in a position that I could just grab it and shoot… and I did. It was a late Christmas present.
A pair of Van Raalte panties...

To be continued...

Friday, July 06, 2018

FINISHING THE YEAR... Odds & ends (Part 167y)

ENDING THE YEAR… Odds & ends (Part 167y)

I really had no idea what she would say but when she spoke she said a ‘mouthful’. The answer to coming to the main office was a resounding “NO!”, But, it was what she said after it that gave me some hope that all was not lost. I’d mentioned that Betsy, the branch head teller, and Rita had kept in contact. Even though they’d only worked together a short time they had become good friends and had even gotten together socially. She told me the first thing she did that day was to call Betsy and tell her of the offer… and that she wasn’t interested in commuting… especially in Winter. As I’ve said, Betsy was a ‘confidant’ with me in keeping me up to date on Jerry and the branch. I’d sensed that Betsy, in spite of Jerry, liked working for the bank. The benefits had to be a definite plus for her and her family with her husband an independent contractor. So, what she had to say next was an unbelievable shock. Rita said that Betsy had come up with an idea that might work for her and the bank but that it was a ‘long shot’. She proposed that Mae be approached to go to the main office and that she, Rita, come to work at the branch. My thoughts shifted immediately to Mae and what I knew about her. A ’snap’ review of her in my mind was that she was very bright and a definite ‘positive’ for the bank. I also knew she had kids and wasn’t sure where her husband stood in the big picture. I sort of hesitated when I asked if she’d been approached with the idea. She responded that nothing had been said. I remember taking a few deep breaths thinking that it should be me to discuss it with her. I did have that one ‘in’ with her when I’d told her of my race car and that her former brother in law had raced against it. Not really sure of where I was going with this whole thing I decided to call Mae at the branch.

In retrospect, Mae was a bit of a character even though she was very much a ‘driven’ person. Being hired by the bank was, in her mind, a definite ‘step up’ and she’d expressed it to me a couple of times. Betsy had told me that it was a goal of Mae’s to become a bank branch manager one day. However, when I heard her voice on the phone I could hear a bit of fear. I had no idea what her decision might be but definitely wasn’t expecting to get a quick “Yes”. However, and this was something I quickly learned about Mae… it was never quite what it seemed on the surface. By the time we were through she’d negotiated a ‘premium’ to cover her travel expenses. When she brought it up I asked if she’d spoken with Rita and she said not since her last day of work back in July. As hard as it was to believe her, I did. The next part was something I couldn’t guarantee and that was that she be considered for a raise prior to her anniversary date. The best I could do was to put in her file that she had volunteered to help the bank out of a very bad situation. It took a few minutes for her to agree to just that, but she did. The hardest part of this whole situation was that I was at home sitting by the phone in the hallway. With all the Christmas preparations going on around me it was very difficult to keep everything that I’d agreed to in sequence. I closed by telling her not to say anything about the arrangements until she heard from Trish. Even though I didn’t know her all that well I could tell from her voice that she was excited… very excited.

After doing some things to help Elle I called Rita to tell her that Mae had agreed to come to the main office. She was just about to leave for work which reminded me to ask if there was any way she could start on Friday. She hesitated for a few seconds but said she’d try. Next was calling Trish to tell her what I’d arranged. At first she didn’t believe me but after I went through the whole process she responded by saying that she hoped it worked. I told her to get in touch with both Rita and Mae. Rita indicated that she’d know by the end of her shift and would call when she got home. The problem with that was with it being Christmas Eve the stores were closing at 6pm and I and the family wouldn’t be home.

From there it sort of got ‘crazy’ and I’m not sure I remember all the details. So, I’ll spare you by not even trying. By around 7pm Trish confirmed to me that Rita would be at the branch at 8:30am Friday and Mae would be at the main office at the same time. Lorie had been briefed and Trish told me she was a bit surprised but happy to know she wouldn’t be going into the ‘busy period’ short handed. For me it was like a ‘back handed’ Christmas present. However, it left me with a lot of work to do come Friday getting signature approvals for the women and some other ’nitty gritty’ details taken care of. I’d been on the phone and had basically missed supper. My parents always hosted a Christmas party for friends and family and I’d spent most of my time on the phone. The early Christmas Eve church service was at 8pm so I didn’t have a lot of time to grab a bite and to socialize. I won’t say Elle was upset with me but she was quiet all the way to the church, about a twenty minute drive. I, as a vestryman, had usher duties so didn’t get to sit with Elle and the kids which didn't help matters. It was after 9pm when we headed for home… with more traditional stuff to go through. Christmas Eve always was a long night but this one was looking to be longer than usual.

The tree was in place and we had two more things to do before the kids were sent up to bed. Elle, from our very first Christmas with Jean, read “The Night before Christmas” to the kids. Then, they would go hang an ornament that they’d made on the tree and their stockings on the fireplace mantle. Realistically, we knew it would be a fair amount of time before they were sound asleep and we could decorate the tree. As I had mentioned, Santa decorated our tree before leaving the presents. We both thought it pretty amazing that the older girls still believed in Santa. They were pretty smart and Elle had wondered why they never asked some pretty obvious questions concerning the whole thing.

I have no idea what time it was when we started or when we finished. One ‘trick’ we’d come up with when the two older girls were much younger was to leave a present on the end of their beds to occupy them for a bit before they got out of bed in the morning. Once we heard them it was a mad dash for me to get downstairs to turn on the tree lights and to get the camera ready for pictures. I’ve mentioned any number of times about the kids knowing of Elle’s incontinence so seeing her in panties (or even a ‘package’ with the plastic panties) was not shocking or out of place. We’d tried to make them comfortable with the whole situation. So, when Elle came down the stairs leading them I was greeted with her wearing just a nightie top that just about covered her butt. I was pleased. I positioned myself to get pictures of the kids as they got their first view of the tree and all the presents. Then it was a mad dash to the tree to see what was there. When it came to opening the presents we had one rule. It seems sort of harsh but to keep some semblance of order, they were limited to one present at a time… and after each had opened it they had to show everybody just what it was that they got. It dragged the process out but the benefit was that they all got to see what the others had received… and gave me a chance to get a lot of candid pictures. After they’d opened a few presents each I called for a “time out” so that Elle could open one of hers. I’d purchased a new, somewhat elegant robe as her main gift and I couldn't wait to see how surprised she'd be. As soon as she saw it I could tell that I’d earned a few ‘points’ for my choice.

     To be continued...